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Interview with Alice Nine in 10 minutes! [30th November 2012]

Adestya Ayu November 30, 2012 Interview, Off-Stage Reports 2,956 views
Interview with Alice Nine in 10 minutes! [30th November 2012]

Alice Nine is a Japanese rock band who has performed at Singapore’s Sundown Festival on December 1st 2012. The band members are Shou (vocals), Tora (Guitars), Hiroto (Guitars), Saga (Bass) and Nao (Drums). Around October, they have also performed in Jakarta together with their fellow bands MUCC and UNiTE at the J-Rock Evolution event. Understanding that there are many fans of Alice Nine in Indonesia, Kojacon flew to Singapore on the 29th and was able to have an exclusive interview with them. However, due to a sudden illness, one of the band member, Hiroto, was not able to attend the interview.The interview was fun and memorable. They were really relaxed during the interview and Kojacon felt like they were so much like big brothers.

Kojacon(K) : Hello, good afternoon. Nice to meet you.
A9 : Yup, nice to meet you too.
K : We came from Jakarta and we would like to ask a few questions.
A9 : Ok.

K : During Jrock Evolution, you were performing with other rock bands, meanwhile here in Sundown Festival, you will be performing with artists from different genres. What is it actually that you expect in performing at Sundown Festival?

Tora : Well, we believe we’re the only band who will be performing in this festival, right? So we’re going to be completely different with the other artists. We want to bring the real sound to the audience.

K : You’re now in the middle of Court of 9’s #3 tour,right? Were there any funny stories that has happened during the tour that you can share with the readers, Shou-san?

Shou : Eh? Me? (Shou was a bit shocked since Kojacon asked him when he was not really ready XD)
K : Yes, Shou-san.
Nao : (teasing and laughing) Shou-san…
Shou : (smiling and thinking hard)…. funny story, what is it…(taking a long time to think and since Saga looks blank, K asked him instead)
K : How about Saga-san?
Saga : Eh…everyhing looks normal. It’s very rare for something to happen in the concert
Shou : Too bad (that there’s no funny story) … AH! (suddenly remembered and pointed at Saga) He (Saga) vandalized the hotel panel (tried his best to speak in English and to clarify with his gestures that what he meant by ‘vandalizing’ was actually Saga drawing on the panel then added Saga looks like a rock star by doing that.  Then Saga made a rock star hand gestures)
K : (laughs) Really?!
Saga : Pay money (spoke in English too). I pay money to the hotel. Ten thousand.
Everyone : (laugh)
Tora : Five thousand…
Shou : Eighty thousand.
Nao : One million rupiah…(laughing hard)
K : Eh? Rupiah? Was it in Indonesia?
Shou : No, no, in Japan, Kanazawa.
Everyone : (laugh)

K : During the performances, what is your favorite song to play?

Tora : Maybe it’s Senkou…
K : Why Senkou?
Tora : Eh why…?! (He doesn’t even know the reason XD)
Everyone : (laugh)
Tora : I don’t know (laugh) Maybe because of the feeling when its being played, I like it…

Nao : I don’t have any. Every song is fun.
Shou : Ballad songs…
K : Ah, like Niji no Yuki…
Shou : Yes
K : it’s your song right?
Shou : Yes
Saga : Our first single.

K : If you had to describe Alice Nine’s music in one word, what will you answer?

Tora :Is it a song in an album?
K : No, it’s your opinion about Alice Nine’s music in general, for example happiness (doing a funny gesture)
Tora : ah, it’s a difficult question…
K : Ah sorry…
Shou : Amazing!!! (doing the same gestures with K )
Tora : Pass, I can’t answer this.
Nao : Dream (saying it in a cool way)
Saga : ………………. (he’s taking too long in thinking while everyone was looking at him. Then he smiled shyly) ….Sorry, I can’t … It’s too embarrassing. (crossing his hand, signing he wasn’t able to answer the question)..Ah, Happiness!!
K : AH! You stole my answer!!
Everyone : (laugh)

K : What was the strangest present you’ve received from fans?
Tora : What is it…I think we’ve never got anything strange.
Nao : Sex…
K : EEH?
Everyone : (laugh)
Shou : Your reaction is great.
K : So what do you mean by that?
Nao : Yeah, there are fans who offer their body to us. But we never accept it.
Everyone : (laugh)

K : You have so many fans abroad, do you find it hard to communicate? Do you have any plans to learn English?

Tora : Yes, I really want to learn English now.(laugh)
Nao : Actually, I learned English at school but however, I feel that with the spirit and gestures I can understand the fans more.

K : In the next two years, you’ll reach your 10th anniversary. We (Kojacon) are planning to go to Japan to watch your live at that time. What can we expect to see, as foreign fans who have never watched your one man show live?

Tora : Ah, Hiroto should answer this. hm, I think it’s great (for you to come). Since it’s still another two years, Of course there will be more releases coming ahead. The 10th year anniversary will be a mark in our music career, so you can expect a lot in our anniversary.

K : Alright, that’s all. Thank you very much for your time.
Shou : Terima Kasih (saying thanks in Indonesian)
K : (shocked that Shou still remembers Indonesian) Sama-sama (You’re welcome in Indonesian).

It was a very nice encounter with Alice Nine. They were so friendly and easy to talk to. We hope to be able to talk more with them in the future. Alice Nine, ganbatte kudasai!!!

Special thanks to Emi-san and Els-chan.

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