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MISIA – Super Best Records

Adestya Ayu February 22, 2013 Album Release, Releases 1,467 views
MISIA – Super Best Records

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Born in Nagasaki prefecture, Misia debuted in February 1998 with a single “Tsutsumi komu you ni” and later in the same year, in June she announced her first album titled “Mother Father Brother Sister” which was sold more than two million copies. Her “Everything” single which was announced in 2000 was appointed as a theme song of a drama “Yamato Nadeshiko” featured Matsushima Nanako has achieved sales of more than 2 million copies as well.

Celebrating her achievements for 15 years since her debut in Japan music industry, Misia just released her best album titled “MISIA SUPER BEST RECORDS -15th Celebration” on 20th February 2013. The album will consists of 3 CDs with one DVD on the limited edition press about Misia 15 years history. Her live tour titled “Misia Hoshizora no Live VII – 15th Celebration” schedule will be released soon.

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