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Summer Ballad Cover by May J this June!

Adestya Ayu May 11, 2013 Album Release, Releases 1,225 views
Summer Ballad Cover by May J this June!

THIS SUMMER… May J will give her fans a music feast!

She will release a cover album called Summer Ballad Covers this upcoming June 19th.
The short version MV of Precious (previously sung by Yuna Ito) has also released.

In this summer album collection, she will cover twelve famous Jpop ballads with her own interpretation. The cover lists are:

  1. Precious (original: Ito Yuna)
  2. First Love (original: Utada Hikaru)
  3. Naminori Jonii (original: Kuwata Keisuke)
  4. I Dreamed A Dream (original: Les Miserables)
  5. Hanamizuki (original: Hitoto Yo)
  6. Shounen Jidai (original: Inoue Yousui)
  7. Life (original: Kimaguren)
  8. Shima Uta (original: The Boom)
  9. Natsu Matsuri (original: Jitterin’ Jinn)
  10. Shiroikumonoyouni ft. Chris Hart (original: Sarugan Seki)
  11. Secret Base – Kimigakuretamono (original: Zone)
  12. Nagisa (original: Spitz)

According to the official site, Precious, First Love, and Hanamizuki will be performed with a dramatic orchestra accompaniment, while Shimauta will be sung accoustically with a piano. And I’m so excited to know that Natsu Matsuri will be sung with a funky bass line and an accoustic guitar. It’ll become an impressive song!

May J’s message regarding her new album:

“For this album, I recorded the songs that I heard from a young age (also the songs I sang in the TV program) with great respect to the original song. I believe that singer of the original song not only has a distinctive technique, but uniqueness in singing expression. I will be very happy if a lot of people listen will listen to my cover songs.”

The album has two version, regular and limited, and if you buy from CD Japan, you will get a poster bonus too. The detail is as followed:

Regular edition, 2800 Yen , consists 1 CD. 

 Order HERE~

Limited Edition, 3500 Yen, consists of 1 CD and 1 DVD.

 Order HERE~


Resource : May J official Site

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