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DaizyStripper Shibuya O-WEST 6Days “EGOIST COLORS”

karina May 12, 2013 News 1,274 views
DaizyStripper Shibuya O-WEST 6Days “EGOIST COLORS”

Through their OHP, DaizyStripper has announced a-6 days in a row concert that will be held at Shibuya O-WEST starting from October 2nd~7th, 2013!  Detail of this concert will be announced soon.

[DaizyStripper Shibuya O-WEST 6Days “EGOIST COLORS”]

October 2nd Day 1 KazamiEGO

October 3rd Day 2 YugiriEGO

October 4th Day 3 MayuEGO

October 5th Day 4 ReiEGO

October 6th Day 5 NaoEGO

October 7th Day 6 DaizyStripperEGO

Previously they have announced a 5-months consecutive release campaign. Starting from May 15th, they will release their new maxi-single “STARGAZER” then on June 12nd new single to be released is “MISSING”. The other release dates will be on July 17th, August 14th and September 25th (still no further information about it).

Are you guys excited about this news?


Source : DaizyStripper OHP, edohsama

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