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Alice Nine 9th Anniversary Tour #1 World’s End Daybreak-Hiroshima Club Quattro [29th June 2013]

Adestya Ayu July 9, 2013 Featured Content, Live Report, On-Stage Reports 1,164 views

Hiroshima Club Quattro was located on the 10th floor of Parco shopping mall, right in the middle of Hiroshima. Actually, from Hiroshima station, you can go there by walk though tram is always a good choice. Tram will take you there around 10 minutes from Hiroshima station, and by walk is approximately around 25 minutes. If you ride on the tram, you should get off at Hatchobori Station. You can see big Parco building from there. It’s right in the middle of shopping area. Parco has two buildings, in every 1st floor near the lift, there will be a guide. You should go to the back side of Parco until you see this board of Club Quattro above the entrance and go upstairs by lift inside to the 10th floor.

 photo hiroshima1_zpsfa645ed3.jpg
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When we arrived there, there’s almost no place for queuing. It is a very small place with lots of people. I think fans prefered waiting outside the building or in different level because we went outside too and saw many Alice Nine’s fans still  on the street hanging out with the other fans.

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The same setlist, however, we can feel that Shou-san had already tired from the three lives before. He missed lyrics, and often asked the audience to sing along. However, the fans themselves were very hype. It was the wildest crowd between the other three lives we’ve attended. The moshing pit was fabulous. Even after the live, Hiroto-san tweet that the crowd was perfect. Despite the heat of the club, everyone jumped, banged their head, and sang along to their content.

In Hiroshima, the mc talk was really short than the other lives. Maybe it’s because of different location. Tora-san came out first, then followed by Hiroto-san. Hiroto-san brought along his camera and took pictures of the audience. Tora-san aimed the mic in the middle (Shou’s mic), then Hiroto-san also aimed for Shou’s mic in the middle. Tora-san then complained, “are we a comedian??” (usually comedian in Japan do a skit with one mic in the middle), but then Hiroto-san showed his camera to Tora-san and  took a selca together with him. And again, Tora-san said, “from 365 days in a year, we are together 360 days, you don’t have to take picture with me now” lol.

The talks continued still about the memory Hiroto-san could treasure the pictures he took for the next 20 years, especially the pictures of fans who came to their lives. Then Tora-san said, “ne, Hiroto, every time you flip the photo pages, you will find more wrinkles every year… I don’t need it“. lol. They also talked about how Shou-san at  the backstage felt exhausted and Tora-san teased that a miracle occured. Well, we did feel the same though. Club Quattro is very small and people as many as Zepp are packed inside. At first I don’t think I can move freely but well, we can, but we sweat a lot because it’s very hot inside. Even Tora-san asked why fans sweat a lot today.

Both of them then talked about the anniversary event and live, and then they asked audience to call Saga-san. When they called Saga-san, Saga-san who entered the stage, sat at Nao’s seat at the back of the drum and started playing the drum without saying anything. He was pretending that he’s Nao-san. “Alice Nine no Drummer, Nao desu.” and he continued to play the drum. He stopped and did monomane as Nao-san during this MC. But since his voice is so thick, Tora-san said “who are you again? Nao? You don’t look like him…” lol.

And then when everyone finally calling Nao-san, they changed it to call Saga-san instead. Nao-san laughed when he entered the stage and walked to Saga-san’s place, took his bass and walked to the middle of the stage, suddenly start playing Time Machine. Nao-san tilted his head (again because of it’s Shou-san’s mic) and started to sing “Moshimo toki ~a ~~ ga modorunaraba  negai ma~a  su ~uka~a~aa~aaaaaa…. ” and laughed hard. That was fail… fail… lol. Tora-san was at the left side, laughing with his mic, saying that the position of the mic is weird and Nao-san shouted desperately, “the mic is too high!!!!!!!” lol

Then when Shou-san came to the stage after his short nap, he announced that he heard the air conditioner in the club was broken and that’s the reason that the live was very hot. Well, that’s explained the source of the problem that day.

They close the event magnificently with the beautiful name with all the fans sang the song together with them.

Setlist Alice Nine 9th Anniversary #1 World’s End Daybreak- Hiroshima Club Quattro:

2. Le Grand Bleu
5. Affection
7. Scarlet
8. Haikara Naru Rondo
9. Himitsu
12.shooting star
13.Subete e
18.the Arc

Tora-san and Hiroto-san

20.Heart Of Gold
21.the beautiful name

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