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SID 10th Anniversary TOUR

Adestya Ayu July 26, 2013 News, Off-Stage Reports 1,273 views
SID 10th Anniversary TOUR

SID will be holding their first open air tour starting with a performance in Fukuoka on July 27 with the tour’s title ‘Ki’ Bakudan Teikiatsu Wa Mou Iya Da! ~Kimi Wa Shitteiru Kai? Yokohama Sutajiamu De No 10 Shuunen Raibu Wa Hiku Kurai No Ooame Dattan Da…~”. This tour will be spanning to 4 cities for a total of 5 shows.

This long title, was derived because of a certain story on April 6 when  SID’s first stadium live at Yokohama Stadium was held to commemorate their ten year anniversary. However, on that day, Japan was struck by a typhoon. The title refers to the weather from that day. They hope that kind of weather will not come again during their live.

The band also announced that every live will have different setlist. So far, SID has released 108 songs so we can expect how varied their song list will be.

Can’t wait for the kick off tour tomorrow~


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