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Perfume to Hold Special Live on December!

karina August 12, 2013 News 1,159 views
Perfume to Hold Special Live on December!

It’s been announced that Perfume will release a new album 「LEVEL3」this October, and to celebrate the new album, Perfume will hold a special live in two major domes! Check out the detail below!

[Perfume Special Live 2013]
December 7th,2013/Kyocera Dome,Osaka/OPEN 15:00/START 17:00/¥6,500
December 8th,2013/Kyocera Dome,Osaka/OPEN 14:00/START 16:00/¥6,500
December 24th,2013/Tokyo Dome/OPEN 16:00/START 18:00/¥6,500
December 25th,2013/Tokyo Dome/OPEN 16:00/START 18:00/¥6,500

Are you guys excited?

Source : Perfume OHP

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