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Ayaka new song for Kit Kat CM

Adestya Ayu August 22, 2013 News, Off-Stage Reports 1,413 views
Ayaka new song for Kit Kat CM

Ayaka is appointed as the 40th anniversary campaign “Nestle Kit Kat” in Japan. She will also write a new campaign song for Kit Kat titled “Arigatou no Wa”.

“Arigatou no Wa” is Ayaka’s first new song in about 6 months. It expresses one’s feeling of gratitude toward people who are close to them. This is Ayaka’s first time writing a song with just “Arigatou” as its theme. She also asked fans through Twitter, “Who is the person you want to tell ‘thank you’ the most?“.

An interview was conducted by Barks here. Enjoy.

— What is your thought of the words ‘thank you”?

I think the word [thank you] is a magic word. The smile that appears when you say it, and the joy you feel when it’s said to you. There are moments when you wonder if you’ve done something for the other person, and you become warmhearted. It’s a word that I always treasure.

— Can you tell us a little bit about the new song, “Arigatou no Wa”?

This is the first time I write a song with [thank you] theme. I think [thank you] can be seen from many perspectives, so I was distraught over how to write it. However, I felt that this word had the power to spread warm feelings. Along with the word ‘thank you’, your heart will become lighter and gentler. With that kind of thoughts, I give the song that title.”

— Can you tell us the process you write the lyrics?

I am trying to write with very simple words that comes directly from my heart. I  thought about the person I wanted to say ‘thank you’ to the most. The person who immediately came to mind was my mother. That was the starting point of the lyrics.

— Talking about the lyrics, there also messages received from the fans which seems  giving you a good feedback, right?

“Yes. This time when I was thinking what kind of song that I want to make, I wrote in my twitter, “Who is the person you want to tell ‘thank you’ the most?”. Then answers like [mother]  or [yesterday we  foght but I really wanna tell…], well in the end I got lots of episodes coming in detail. Really, they’re so  sweet. They wrote to me with a very honest feeling. When I write the lyrics, I put them in mind.”

For the campaign, the ‘Kit Kat’ packaging has been equipped with AR (augmented reality). When you hold your smart phone with the ‘Kit Kat’ app over it, you can enjoy a 3D live of Ayaka singing “Arigatou no Wa”. The “Arigatou” version ‘Kit Kat’ will come in 5 different products and it will go on sale in early-September.

source : Barks, Tokyohive

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