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WEAVER talks about the new song!! [Part 1]

Adestya Ayu December 7, 2013 Interview, Off-Stage Reports 1,526 views
WEAVER talks about the new song!! [Part 1]

So…here’s the surprise, Kojaconists!!!

Maybe some of you know already that WEAVER made a short visit to Singapore, and yes, on 5th December, we had a chance to have another interview with WEAVER!!!!!!!!!


Such an early present for Kojaconists, right?!

Anyway, WEAVER came to Singapore to announce about their new song that will become the theme song for new tv program, called Finding The Wasabi. This tv show features celebrities from three Asian countries who live together in a share-house in Tokyo, and compete against each other in Japanese culture “missions”. Through these “missions”, the international celebrities hope to gain a deeper understanding of Japanese food, traditional arts, leisure and current trend.  Finding the Wasabi featured three celebrities from Thailand, Singapore and Indonesia. Celebrity from Thailand is Palm, the vocalist of Instinct band; Seraph, the winner from Miss Popularity title in ‘SNAP’ from Singapore; and Shae, and Indonesian singer who becomes famous in Malaysia with more than 6 million views in Youtube.

While we’re waiting for the program to be aired on the terrestrial channel ‘Channel U’ on February 18, 2014, let’s take a peek about what WEAVER thinks about their new song.

K : This time, the song tittle is Time Will Find A Way. Can you tell us what kind of song is this?

Sugimoto : This song is collaboration project with Thailand band, Instinct. Actually this song was made long before the project started. We were in the middle of song production and looking for a new sound that can conquer the world. We found out that most popular songs actually have simple melody and simple lyrics that everyone can sing along. That’s why this time we tried a song which has simple lyrics, simple melody,  and we hope this song is more fun to be  enjoyed to many people and even for us.

K : So who’s writing the lyrics this time?

Kawabe : Me (Raise his hand). This time the song is a little bit different. This is the first time we did this for a song actually. The lyrics are in English and it’s even sung in English. We hope that people from Singapore and Indonesia who hear the song, even in a short time can understand the song, remember the lyrics, and sing along together.

K : Which part of the lyrics is your favorite?

Kawabe : The title itself is my first inspiration to make the song. And with the melody coming next, it will be the verse part of the song. And that particular part is my favorite one.

K : Since the song title is so inspiring,  what does “Time” mean to you?

Okuno : It’s difficult to answer.  (laugh)

Kawabe : Everyone actually possesses time evenly but each of us has different situation.  When we enjoy what we do, we feel the time goes really fast, but some might feel time goes slowly when they’re in a boring situation. This pace of slow and fast in time is what amazed me.

K : What is your hope to anyone who hear the song?

(Okuno and Sugimoto were actually starring at Kawabe this time, let Kawabe thought alone to answer the difficult questions, lol)

Kawabe : (scratching his head) I want this song to be heard not only in Japan, but also in other parts of the world and that’s why I wrote the lyrics in English for the song. I put that idea in mind, so I hope fans who listen to the song will also think about what I think about the song. A song which can be easily enjoyed by everyone in any parts of the world will be a good wish.

K :Your song will be the theme song for a tv series. Do you know what kind of tv program is that?

Kawabe : Yes, it’s a multi-national project which will be aired in some SEA countries. By singing the theme song of the tv show, we hope that at least people in Indonesia will be able to recognize us. The celebrities will live in a share house and do a mission. Please look forward for the series.

K : We will!! By the way, do you want to try to stay in a share house together?

Okuno : (in doubt) hm… maybe only for a short period, but I don’t think I can do it in a long period (laughs)


To be continued…

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