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WEAVER talks about the performance and anniversary [part 2]

Adestya Ayu December 7, 2013 Interview, Off-Stage Reports 1,382 views
WEAVER talks about the performance and anniversary [part 2]


K : You will do collaboration with Thailand band, Instinct, for the new song. What do you think about doing collaboration with foreign band? Did you encounter any difficulties?

Okuno : At the beginning, I was really worried with the communication due to the language barrier. How to communicate with the other band will be the most difficult thing to do, language wise. But then, Palm, Instinct vocalist, is really fluent in Japanese since he used to live in Japan for some times. And the other Instinct members can speak English well so actually my worries turn to nothing. We can communicate smoothly. Instinct members also told us about the current trends of music in Thailand. We’re planning to achieve more in music now.

K : You have gone to Singapore, Thailand, and perhaps many other SEA countries. Did you have a chance to meet other SEA artist? Who gave you the biggest impression?

Okuno : Shae….she’s going to be featured in the tv show, Find the Wasabi. She’s the one from Indonesia.

Kawabe : Yeah, we met her before in Japan. She has a bright character. But actually this year, we have met lots of people as well and we’re inspired a lot, not only from people in Asia, but also in Europe.  We want to learn more and absorb new things from them. We’re looking for other collaborations, too.

K : Can you tell us a little bit about your performance in NHK Hall? It was a special live since it was Kawabe-san’s birthday right?

Kawabe : Actually there were 3000 people coming and I never saw so many people coming only to celebrate my birthday before. I was really happy. I prepared hard for the practice and did many rehearsals to make the best live concert. This performance boosts my confidence even more.

K : Next year on your debut anniversary, will there be any special event for the anniversary?

Sugimoto  : Hmmmm… maybe, but we haven’t decide it yet. (laugh) We really want to do something but let’s just see it later since it’s not decided yet (laugh suspiciously).

K : Talking about anniversary, this Tuesday is Sugimoto-san’s birthday, right? Did you get any present from Okuno-san or Kawabe-san?

Sugimoto : Nope!! We don’t give present individually. Usually during member’s birthday, it’s the staffs and other WEAVER members prepare one present. This time, because we travel a lot to overseas, I got a hairdryer.

K : And here’s the surprise. We brought packages from Indonesian fans to you. Since the last interview, you said you like to eat cakes; they brought you cupcakes with cute packaging! And also some cute instruments that might you use to perform. (giving the package)

WEAVER : Uwaaa… that’s great. Really?! Thank you!!! (They tried to find the new song with the instruments but failed since the time was so short for the interview).


K : And since the Christmas is drawing near, do you have any wishes for Christmas?

Kawabe : We’re studying English so hard now, so we want the fans to tell us what kind of book is good to read to improve our English.

K : Haishhh… tomorrow your fans will give you lots of books then!

Kawabe : Please don’t (laugh) just tell us which one is good (laugh).

<to be continued… there’ll be video message!!>

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