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KAT-TUN to Host “Shounen Club Premium”

Adestya Ayu March 25, 2014 News, Off-Stage Reports 1,041 views
KAT-TUN to Host “Shounen Club Premium”

KAT-TUN will soon be hosting NHK BS premium’s “Shounen Club Premium” this April. The members themselves made the announcement via VTR on Mar 19th.

“Shounen Club Premium” is a music variety/talk show that welcomes special guests each week. TOKIO‘s Kokubun Taichi have hosted the show for eight years since it started last 2006. Taichi shed tears as he made his farewell and gave his gratitude of thanks to all the staff that has worked with him.

Kamenashi Kazuya commented that since KAT-TUN is a group made in NHK, he feels happy to be back and as this is the group’s first hosting gig, they just want to enjoy themselves. Nakamaru Yuichi shares Kamenashi’s thoughts about the program and he would also like to study more about the program the way Taichi have built it. Junnosuke Taguchi is thankful for Taichi’s 8 years of impressive work as he hopes to continue the momentum that Taichi have started. Lastly, Ueda Tatsuya wants to make “Shounen Club Premium” more unique by adding a touch of KAT-TUN’s color.

KAT-TUN will start their hosting duties for “Shounen Club Premium” on Apr 16th at 08:00 PM (JST).


Source : jnews and mynavi

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