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Akazawa Hono Leaves NMB48

Shitoshi Eka April 19, 2014 News, Off-Stage Reports 1,240 views
Akazawa Hono Leaves NMB48

On 16th April Team BII member Akazawa Hono announced that she will leave NMB48. The announcement came one day after Team BII’s Senshuuraku via the official NMB48 blog and was effective the same day. As reason, poor physical health was stated.

Akazawa Hono joined NMB48 in early 2012 as part of the 3rd Generation. She became a member of Team BII when it was formed in October the same year. She was supposed to go to Team M once the new team system starts but after consulting with her doctor and family she decided to leave.

Akazawa Hono’s graduation announcement :
“Here is Team BII’s Akazawa Hono.
I am really sorry that I have to make this retirement announcement so sudden and in this form.
All the time, I have caused you nothing but worries, and I am really sorry that I have made you worry until the last moment. For a few months now I have been working while being concerned about my physical condition.
I have thought a lot until today’s announcement.
I worried a lot…
My manager and the staff came up with various suggestions for me like “You also can choose a temporary leave!” or “Hang on and see how the situation develops!”. But I did not have the confidence that I could lead a fulfilled daily life in this situation in which I feel the uncertainty of not knowing when I would be able to return, so I chose the path of retirement.
The NMB48 solo live at Saitama Super Arena!
Singing Almond Croissant Keikaku together at tthe AKB48 Request Hour!
Reaching the Tadaima Renaichuu Senshuuraku with the Team BII members!
I decided to make these three stages my last ones and to go back to being a normal high school student.
I am full of gratitude towards the staff and group officials who worried about my health and watched over me.
There were many senpai who addressed me with kind words when they heard about my situation.
My kouhai were sad for me and said things like “Honori-san we will miss you”.
My fellow Team BII and 3rd Generation members, while calling my selfish decision “idiotic”, supported me.
I was really happy until the end. This is the way I chose. I have no doubts.
“I am looking forward to see you in Team M”
“Let’s aim higher!”
“Let’s talk a lot again at the next handshake event”
I will leave without keeping all these promises I made with you and withou being able to give back to you all who supported me until today, and I regret this.
What I can do now is to return to perfect health and to spend my time as a normal high school student with a smile. And, to find a new goal and lead a fulfilled life!
While writing this last blog post, I remembered your kind looks, the warmth of your hands, the words we exchanged.
And what came to my mind is this:
“Ah, happiness
From tomorrow on, I will walk again
Even though we’re apart
Inside my heart
This road always continues
Ah, happiness
I am watched over by everyone
Even now for sure
I am not alone
When I look back
There is the sky of my home town”
From ‘Kikyou’ (note: Akazawa Hono’s stage unit song)
Thanks to joining NMB48 I was able to meet my beloved fellow members, and I was able to meet you, my beloved fans. Also, I was able to make a lot of wonderful memories. I am full of gratitude.
You might not understand my selfish decision…but from tomorrow on I will move forward on a new path. Thank you for cheering for me for 2 years. Thank you for supporting me.
Thank you so much for loving NMB48’s Akazawa Hono.”

Source:NMB48 Official

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