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Johnnys’ WEST’s debut single “ええじゃないか” special release site

Adestya Ayu April 22, 2014 Releases, Single Release 1,943 views
Johnnys’ WEST’s debut single “ええじゃないか” special release site

New Johnny’s unit, Johnny’s WEST announce that they will have a special release site tomorrow, 23rd April, as these seven-member of this Kansai antive group will make their CD debut on the 23rd with “ee ja nai ka“. The site will contain details about their new single, messages from the members and other topics which will be updated regularly.

Previously they also had a debut press conference at Osaka’s newest skyscraper, Abeno Harukasu.This is the first time in 10 years that an all-Kansai group debuted since Kanjani8 and it has been 49 years since the name “Johnny” was used in a group.

In addition, Johnny’s WEST was also appointed as “konamon ambassador” of Japan Konamon Association to spread the glamour of konamon-based products. When asked about their debut single, Kiriyama Akito said that it’s a bright and cheerful song. One can hear their Kansai dialect as the song starts and the song is something that all ages will enjoy.

As for the group they want to catch-up, they mentioned that they will work hard to catch-up with SMAP and hopefully overtake the group.
Afterward, the group moved to the helipad of the 300 meters above ground skyscraper and made a full performance of “ee ja nai ka”. This is the first time that the skyscraper’s helipad was used and the group commented that this is like taking the top place in Japan.

Their new single, which will be released in various types, can be ordered through CD Japan. Make sure you get a copy!

Regular edition :

jwest1 [Regular Edition, 1080Yen]

jwesta [Limited Edition type A, 1400Yen, comes with DVD Bonus]

jwestb [Limited Edition type B, 1300Yen, comes with DVD bonus]

jwest3 [Limited Edition type C, 1300Yen, comes with DVD bonus]

Source : Johnny’s net, JENews

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