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PV of Crow×Class~黒鴉組~ “GEKKOCHO” and “RINNE-TENSEI”

Shitoshi Eka May 2, 2014 PV Release, Releases 2,005 views
PV of Crow×Class~黒鴉組~ “GEKKOCHO” and “RINNE-TENSEI”

Kurona who plays Wadaiko (Japanese drums) in Wagakki Band actually played in a band with the same concept as Wagakki Band before joining them. In the band Crow×Class~黒鴉組~(CrowxClass~Kuroa-Gumi~) he is featured as their vocalist.

CrowxClass~黒鴉組~ is the first visual kei band that is composed entirely of professional Japanese instrument musicians. The music created by CrowxClass~黒鴉組~ is a beautiful but edgy blend of traditional Japanese instruments and modern heavy rock. This combination of styles has created a new image for instruments such as the koto and shamisen and has made their sound accessible to a new generation. The band on-stage performance brings together an energetic and eclectic musical show with elements of theater, to provide a truly original and entertaining experience

I’m not a big fan of his voice but the instrumentals sound great!

Check out their PV below!!

PV Gekkocho

PV Rinne Tensei

More about CrowxClass~黒鴉組~, they will hold their first overseas live in Germany this month and also on 20th August they will hold their oneman live.

Source : CrowxClass~黒鴉組~ OHP

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