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Surprise screening of ONE OK ROCK movie in Shibuya!

Adestya Ayu May 6, 2014 News, Off-Stage Reports 1,239 views
Surprise screening of ONE OK ROCK movie in Shibuya!

Today, the trailer of ONE OK ROCK documentary film which is going to be released in theaters on May 16th, titled “FOOL COOL ROCK! ONE OK ROCK DOCUMENTARY FILM” suddenly was shown at the two big screens in Front of Shibuya Station, Hachiko’s gate. The trailer of the movie made people surprised at the screen.


Although information about the screening in front of Shibuya Station was actually only announced in the official Twitter account in the morning, many fans have been crowding in front of the screens. Around 1pm, from the screens we will see the appearance of ONE OK ROCK members in Paris, France during European tour concert. Their popular song, Deeper Deeper resounded all over Shibuya Hachiko Station. Many passersby stopped walking and starred intently at the video.


“FOOL COOL ROCK! ONE OK ROCK DOCUMENTARY FILM”, is a documentary that has full contact with the 12 performances in 11 countries in Asia and Europe tour that took place last year. The director and filmmaker Nakano Hiroyuki, also known for directing “SF.Samurai Fiction” and “RedShadow Akakage”, took all live videos by a hand-held camera.

Wise word from Hiroyuki Nakano about the band,

“Reality is greater than comics. When I got into music comic series called “BECK” and read them from cover to cover, I thought it captured a sense/feeling of young band members who were strongly influenced by music so well and at the same time it made me feel the music is great. I hoped one day a Japanese band is embraced in overseas with their music.

And now, it becomes true and is happening in front of me in greater scale. A fan of ONE OK ROCK communicates each other through facebook and builds their own network each their country all over the world. This phenomenon is beyond my imagination.”

Source : Natalie, OOR official web

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