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IKE ‘SPYAIR’ was diagnosed with acute bronchitis

Adestya Ayu May 7, 2014 News, Off-Stage Reports 1,543 views
IKE ‘SPYAIR’ was diagnosed with acute bronchitis

SPYAIR announced that they canceled the national tour in Nagoya, scheduled on 6th May. They announced that IKE (vocal) felt uncomfortable with his condition and went to the hospital only to find that he was diagnosed with acute bronchitis.

IKE dedicated to the treatment before Nagoya performance started as much as possible but under a strong pressure to deliver the best live, he didn’t recover to the point that they have to cancel the concert. SPYAIR explained that they held this situation until the last minute and after consulting with members and all staffs, they finally decide to stop the concert.

The performance was stopped just before they started the live. For Sapporo performance, it’ll be decided 10 days after watching over IKE’s physical condition. The management is still adjusting the ticket refund and corresponding transfer performance.
We hope IKE will get well soon and SPYAIR still continue their concert tour!

Source: Nikkan sports

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