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v[NEU] to release new single in commemorating their 5th Anniversary

Adestya Ayu May 7, 2014 Releases, Single Release 1,140 views
v[NEU] to release new single in commemorating their 5th Anniversary

What  a dazzling summer we will get this year!

v[NEU] who recently released a DVD of their January live, this time it’s their turn to celebrate their 5th anniversary since resuming activities in 2009. A good news follows up about their new single which will be released on July 2nd.

The new release is titled “hitori janai” (ひとりじゃない) on 2nd July. This title surely can be defined in many relationships. Romance, platonic love, affection, or maybe v[NEU] themselves with fans. It hasn’t been revealed yet about the lyrics detail until the short pv leaking out, however something which is already decided is the versions of the single.

It seems like the band wants to include the number 5 in its release. But in the end they will have 10 different version!

Fans can expect total six new songs will be released in the 10 version of the singles.

“hitori janai” will drop as Limited Edition and Regular Edition – each in 5 versions.

The Limited Editions that cost 1350 Yen each include two songs and come with a special booklet example. You can order here.

The Regular Editions will cost 1080 Yen and are CD-only. You can order here.

The difference between all these versions is that they will include a different track 2.

For example, Limited Edition Type A and Regular Edition Type A will include the lead track “hitori janai” and track A.

Limited Edition Type B and Regular Edition Type B will include the lead track as well as track B, and so on.

WOW! 10 version, they really know how to make us broke haha.. .Anyway, make sure you save a lot for your wallet this summer~

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