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Arashi to commemorate their 15th anniversary in Hawaii!

Adestya Ayu May 8, 2014 News, Off-Stage Reports 1,923 views
Arashi to commemorate their 15th anniversary in Hawaii!

With two upcoming singles, upcoming Arafes DVD and WAKU WAKU concert held soon, Johnny’s Entertainment revealed surprising news today about one of their idol group, now acclaimed as the national idol, Arashi.

Arashi is draining cash from their fans, aren’t they? Haha, but I hope everyone who can’t go and celebrate their anniversary together won’t be that upset.

Actually, it has been rumored since yesterday that Arashi will celebrate their 15th anniversary in Hawaii and those rumors turn out to be true.


Pic source: @arashiEng

From several media today, it was reported that Arashi will hold their 15th anniversary for the first time in Oahu, Hawaii for two days, 19-20 September 2014, with total of 30,000 fans expected to come and watch their performance.¬†¬†Hawaii is the land of memories where Arashi made their debut conference from the ship at the coast of Waikiki in ’99.

Sakurai Sho commented that he wants to go and to look back on history with everyone who supports them for the past 15 years in Hawaii. Aiba Masaki added that he is very fluttered and he thinks this is going to be their new start at a new stage. Sakurai also said that while looking at Hawaii’s blue sky and sea, he wants to thank for everything in the past 15 years together being with Arashi.

To mobilize massive amount of people from Japan to Hawaii is difficult therefore it has also been reported that JAL will add their flights during the events. Updates about any information regarding this event will be announced later. However this event is closed for public, only members of official fanclub can bid the tickets.

The information from their official web:



Pic source : @arashieng

Source : Hocchi


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