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SCANDAL Yokohama Arena LIVE on WOWOW!

Adestya Ayu May 13, 2014 News, Off-Stage Reports 1,750 views
SCANDAL Yokohama Arena LIVE on WOWOW!

The girl band boom which began in 1990s has been succeeded by various band, including SCANDAL. SCANDAL consists of four girls who met in a vocal and dance school back in 2006 and had their major debut in  2008. Their singles consistently rank in the top ten of the Oricon chart, and their newest album “STANDARD” debuted at number three. Recently they announced that they will have a premium live performance at Yokohama Arena and it will be broadcast live on WOWOW.

As their first Yokohama Arena performance and their first time being broadcast live on WOWOW, SCANDAL will be holding these performances in only two places, in east Japan (Yokohama Arena) and west Japan (Osaka-jo Hall), both of which are expected to have different contents. Their Osaka-jo Hall performance is entitled “360°” and the theme of their Yokohama Arena performance is “FESTIVAL.”

If you happened to be SCANDAL’s fans, make sure to note it and watch it live. The live will be broadcast-ed on June 29th 2014 directly from Yokohama Arena (Kanagawa) from 4 pm (JST) at WOWOW Live.

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