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UNiTE. revealed jacket cover for new DVD!

karina May 26, 2014 DVD Release, Releases 1,534 views
UNiTE. revealed jacket cover for new DVD!

UNiTE. who celebrated their 3rd anniversary last March finally revealed jacket cover for their new DVD! Their new DVD will be released on 2nd July and titled “UNiTE. 3rd Anniversary Oneman Live “U&U’s -Ai-” At Shinagawa Stellar Ball 20140329″.

DCBL-15/4,800yen (not incl. tax)

01. アイ -‘ation-
02. ディストリー
03. BadRequest
04. draws,
05. プログルーミー
06. At traction S
07. Love_Duck_Core_Nothing
08. flower of reunion
09. 美空結び (Musora Musubi)
10. アンテリナム
11. May_A_Fly_i
12. 鳥籠好餌責務 -TORIKAGO like obligation-
13. 色即是空 -イロスナワチコレソラナリ-
14. FCW
15. 絶望クリエイター
16. small world order
17. イオ (Io)
18. Cocky-discuS
19. starting over
20. Invit’
21. 粛清とチョコレート
22. Eniver

More about UNiTE. they will hold oneman live at Shibuya Koukaido on 16th August. Read about their oneman live news HERE.

Source : UNiTE. OHP

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