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Alice Nine in Singapore [fan meet & press con-27th June 2014]

Adestya Ayu June 28, 2014 Featured Content, Interview, Off-Stage Reports 1,920 views
Alice Nine in Singapore [fan meet & press con-27th June 2014]

Fan meeting

Alice Nine, five members of a Visual Kei genre band from Japan, held a fan meeting at J-Cube Mall in Jurong East then followed by a Press Conference in the same day last night.

The fan meeting was attended by hundreds of fans that obviously will flock in Hard Rock Sentosa tonight at the Coliseum for their 2nd performance in Singapore. Previously, Alice Nine was invited to perform during Sundown Festival 2012 and now they’re back to Singapore for a one man show.

Before Alice Nine reached the stage, some fans were asked to make a question by the host. Personally the funniest one is when a fan trolled about whether Alice Nine actually go to the toilet and the host replied it with a dead serious answer, “How is that thing concern you?” and everyone there was having good laugh with the host cracking up some jokes on stage.

The event started pretty late, around 7.20 pm, but the fans kept patiently waiting. The tweet from Alice Nine’s member Hiroto (guitar) that Singapore is hot in the morning before had come true. The fans screamed a warm welcome when Alice Nine finally reached the stage. They greeted and introduced themselves one by one, and blurted out some jokes when questions to them were being asked.

Lucky fans can also ask them question, and one of the fans asked what they think about Singaporean girls which was replied that Singaporean girls are cute and the guys are cool by Shou, the leader.

The event ended pretty fast because after some short small talks, it was decided that they’ll have to give the lucky 50 first queuing fans a signed  a poster and a  handshake with the band members on stage.

Press Conference

The press conference was participated by a lot of media people, local and international. Alice Nine sat on the sofa leisurely with the same outfit at the Fan Meeting. The members answered some questions from the media about the lives, the change in their music, and also what they expect to get in this Singapore concert.

Hiroto (Guitarist) of Alice Nine stated that they don’t feel they have lots of changes before and after being a musician. Before he became a guitarist, he loved music and it’s still the same way like before. He mentioned that now he has fans, and that’s the difference. However, he said again that in the early days of Alice Nine, he respected and love the fans, and he still feels the same way now.

Meanwhile, since Saga (bassist) had his birthday just four days ago on 24th June, we asked if there will be any special celebration of Saga’s birthday on Singapore’s stage. As the fans may notice that Alice Nine usually had their band members’ birthday celebrated on stage together, or they held a special live or event for their birthday.

Saga, being surprised because his birthday was mentioned, said that in the previous live in Singapore during Sundown Festival 2012, some fans threw bras on to the stage. He expected more incredible stuffs being thrown today. Well, I’m quite sure it was a joke since he was known as the King of Humor in the band. For fans, even if you want to throw anything on stage, do concern and be responsible with stuffs you throw later, ok!?

Anyway, they’ll have their live today at the Hard Rock Cafe’s the Coliseum at 8 pm. So if you still haven’t got your ticket, be fast to grab one and let’s head bang together tonight!

Have fun!

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