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Alice Nine Asia Tour 2014 Supernova Symphonia in Singapore [28th June 2014]

Adestya Ayu June 29, 2014 Featured Content, Live Report, On-Stage Reports 2,001 views
Alice Nine Asia Tour 2014 Supernova Symphonia in Singapore [28th June 2014]

Alice Nine premiered their one man show in Singapore last night successfully as part of their Asia Tour. Hundreds of fans banged their head together throughout 18 songs they performed in an approximately two hours.

Truthfully, I can’t believe the show was ended. As Alice Nine live in Singapore is one of the best live I have ever attended. Wild, sexy, and splendid performance was brought up to the audience who came to watch them on The Coliseum stage. Various feeling rushed through my adrenaline since the members hit the stage and opened the show with the Prelude melody.

By 8PM, the venue was filled with anxious fans waiting to see what kind of set list and what kind of a performance Alice Nine has prepared for them this night. The curtains have now finally opened. With a simple background back drop behind them, each member of Alice Nine stood out on stage, glimmering with great lighting and sound system provided in the venue.

As the intro Prelude-resolution was played, Shou (Vocalist) yelled out, “Singapore!!! We’re back!”. Yes, even this show is their first one man show in Singapore, it’s actually their second performance since their short live act as part of Sundown Festival in 2012.

They started with SHINING. An upbeat and strong tempo rocked the stage even from the start, a rock band really knows how to make the fans go crazy since the beginning of the live. Such spectacular sight to behold in the Coliseum last night!

Alice Nine went on with fast pace, upward turbulent numbers to kick off the first minutes of the show with Plus Minus (プラマイ), and Seven before slowed down a bit with the sensual song, Kiss me twice, kiss me deadly.

As Shou taunted the audience, Hiroto and Tora crunched some heavy riffs with their guitar, went all over the rock songs from their new and past albums; RAINBOWS, KID, KOWLOON, from KURAYAMI and Daybreak made the first half of the performance unbreathable and unbeatable! Nao pounded out his immaculate drum beats while Saga played his bass phrases that crawl freely in his hands.

The second half of the show, barrage of hit tunes performed even greater with the touch of EDM, indicating of how insane the concert was going to be until the end. It was the fun Mebius from their latest album Supernova being performed. Hands swayed from all over the audience spots. The tempo slowed down a little during shooting star, showing off Shou’s range of vocal on stage, but then everyone was being invited to dance again with their old numbers like FANTASY, Blue Planet, Velvet, Hyakka Ryouran. The second half of the show was bombarded by a crowd-pleasing live tunes!

The show was a sprint from start to finish, which allowed no room for breathing and showed the full smile of the members throughout the show. They were really enjoying themselves on stage, repeatedly said that it was the best show they had ever had! Singapore, you’d better be proud!!

And finally their momentum shows no signs of stop when they totally blew up the stage with the new track Kaisen Zenya. It was the song that ended the second half of the show before the audience started to scream loudly demanding encore.

Old numbers, Shunkashuuto and the beautiful name were chosen and they splendidly ended the show for Singapore live act with colorful glowing light ring put by the fans in their fingers and not to forget the loud sound of applause for Alice Nine creating an incredibly dramatic scene for the closing.

Of course, the crowd wouldn’t go this crazy without the polished skill of the members. Compared with their performance in Sundown Festival back in 2012, this show was incredibly enticing and I believe none of their fans in Singapore could easily move on from this live for several weeks. The mighty powers of the music that Alice Nine brought last night blasted the audience with boulders of happiness and of course, a higher hope that they’ll come back to perform live in Singapore real soon!


All photos are credited to Red Spade Singapore.

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