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LOKA entered the famed “Ernie Ball’s Battle of the Band”s

karina August 3, 2014 News, Off-Stage Reports 1,302 views
LOKA entered the famed “Ernie Ball’s Battle of the Band”s

Japanese rock band LOKA from Tokyo is truly out to set the world on fire with their energetic live shows giving the audiences the “Bad, Sexy, Party Boyz” appeal they all have been waiting for. Recently returning to Japan after their successful 2nd European tour, LOKA is off to blaze through Japan with a national tour kicking off on August 8th, 2014. While out conquering part of the globe there is one more land mass LOKA has set their sights on…North America!

Armed with a newly created genre of ‘Electric Dance Metal’ by the infusion of ‘Industrial, Hard Rock, Heavy Metal, House and Alternative’ music with English lyrics, the members feel the U.S. is ready for LOKA. Taking that leap of faith, LOKA has entered the famed “Ernie Ball’s Battle of the Band”s for a slot to perform in Vans Warped Tour 2015 and a coveted spot to play LIVE on the ENTIRE “ROCKSTAR UPROAR FESTIVAL 2015”!

Ernie Ball noted for his innovative creation of “Slinky’s” guitar strings as a musician himself and entrepreneur formed the very first” Battle of the Bands” Warped Tour back in 1997 which has grown by high profiled sponsors and a massive fan following giving un-recognized bands a chance to showcase their best music at many added festivals. A perfect opportunity for an overseas band to be heard and seen with perks of great prize packages for the winners.

As North American fans have waited patiently for LOKA here is the chance to support from home turf including overseas fans who had the opportunity to see LOKA live to lend a helping hand to your fellow fans to see this amazing band in concert too! By sharing LOKA’s information page contents– “up’s” the Buzz Rating which is a proprietary system developed by Ernie Ball.

Buzz Rating which gives you a real time snap shot of each band’s overall exposure level. Taking into account both viral reach and real world factors that produce a rating percentage system giving you an accurate reading on each band’s relevance within the industry. The Top 100 Buzz Rated artists for each tour stop will be eligible to win a slot to play live. All 100 artists will be reviewed by a panel of industry professionals comprised of partners, Festival & Tour Organizers and Ernie Ball Inc.
Link: http://www.battleofthebands.com/u/LOKA

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LOKA “Bad Heavy & Sexy” Japanese Hardrock Band

Source : Cross the Limit, Inc.

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