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UNiTE. revealed new look and new MV

karina August 3, 2014 PV Release, Releases, Single Release 1,620 views
UNiTE. revealed new look and new MV

Previously we have reported that finally UNiTE. revealed their new drummer 莎奈 (Sana) and today finally they revealed new look and full MV of 「レヴ」.


-LiN Gt-
 photo profile_linrebu_zpse559dd9b.jpg

-haku Ba-
 photo profile_hakurebu_zps4cdb953e.jpg

-Yui Vo-
 photo profile_yuirebu_zps4d33bc6d.jpg

-Sana Dr-
 photo profile_sanarebu_zps3e9b6ffa.jpg

-Shiina Mio Gt-
 photo profile_miorebu_zpsa6130dd2.jpg

Note that in UNiTE.’s one-man live which is going to be held in Tokyo Shibuya Koukaido on August 16, single 「Eniver」which is re-recorded after the new member joined in will be sold in limited amount at the venue, under the title 「Re:niver」.

UNiTE.「Re:niver」Tracklist, 1000Yen
01. Eniver -updated ver.S-
02. Eniver -updated ver.S-(off vo.)

「レヴ / ice」Tracklist (Limited Edition type M), 1900Yen
01. レヴ
02. ice
03. レヴ(off vo.)
01. レヴ MV
02. レヴ MV Making

「レヴ / ice」Tracklist (Limited Edition type L), 1900Yen
01. ice
02. レヴ
03. ice(off vo.)
01. ice MV
02. ice MV Making

「レヴ / ice」Tracklist (Limited Edition), 926 Yen
01. レヴ
02. ice

「レヴ / ice」Tracklist (Regular Edition), 1500 Yen
01. レヴ
02. ice
03. Kimi wa shiranai
04. Kimi wa shiranai(off vo.)

Pre order your copy HERE.

Source : UNiTE. OHP

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