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flumpool Open Press Conference [1st August 2014]

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flumpool Open Press Conference [1st August 2014]

During the Open Press Conference with flumpool at J-Cube last Friday, we had some serious, funny, and amazing moments. Just like what they bragged all along, they really gave out the unforgettable moment with every person who came both to the open press conference and their live performance the day after.

In the press conference there are some Q&A being held, and for some of you who couldn’t attend it, this report may help ^^

Q: Can you tell us your thoughts on tomorrow’s concert in Singapore?

Ryuta : Can I speak Japanese?  Thank you! This is the 4th time we’re doing a concert in Singapore, but this will be the first time we will be doing a oneman here so we’re really excited for it!

Kazuki : Yeah so we’re looking forward to it, right? It’s been awhile since we came, and of course because of you guys we are able to come again, so we’re really happy!

Q: Are there any special performances that we can look forward to in tomorrow’s concert?

Ryuta : It’s a secret (laughs)

Genki : There might or might not be something~

Ryuta : Is it okay if I say this? The fans in Singapore are really energetic and passionate. It’s very different from out fans in Japan, and we really wanted to do a oneman concert. For tomorrow’s concert we’re thinking of doing something special, but the most special part would be the fact that we’re able to spend it with you guys.

Q : As the concert is actually titled “Moment”, could each member please share an unforgettable moment in the band history?

Kazuki : The fact that we were able to come to Singapore, right?

Ryuta : Our first Budoukan live. But we couldn’t share that moment with our fans here in Singapore so for tomorrow’s concert we’ll make it an unforgettable moment

Seiji : There’s a lot~ like our debut and our first concert, our Budoukan live and such. I also think that we’ll create memories from our concert tomorrow in Singapore with you guys and I’m really excited for that.

Genki : Yes. The first time I received my pay! It had always been “minus” so…

Ryuta : That’s it? After 5 years?! (laughs)

Q : Are there any moments from their MOMENT tour that they wish to erase or relieve?

Ryuta : It was a pretty rough time that we had after our Budoukan live last year, so I want to erase that memory. But at the same time, we were able to make more songs from it and that was good but I don’t want to experience that again.

Q : The latest album “Monument” features a wide variety of songs since your debut 5 years ago, if each of you could pick a song that represents your journey in flumpool which song would it be and why?

Genki : For me it’s “Akashi”. This song was the title song for the junior high school division for a school music competition, and we were able to sing it with the students. In our concerts, the fans usually sing along with us too.

Ryuta : For me it would definitely be the song “Hana Ni Nare”. It’s one of our first few songs.

Genki : Me too

Kazuki : It’s the same for me too but wait does it mean it’s the end??

Ryuta : He (Genki) just doesn’t want to speak (laughs)

Audience goes “eeehhh~”

Genki : Um… “Taisetsu Na Mono Ha Kimi Igai Ni Miataranakute”. We had a lot of fun filming the music video.

Ryuta : We filmed the music video along with our fans so I’m sure the people who watch the music video would understand why its so memorable to us.

Kazuki : I wasn’t there though…

Audience laughs

Kazuki : It’s “Frame” for me. When we played this song for the first time in Budoukan, the view of the audience and the sound of them singing really touched me and I felt really honored.

Q: What is your favourite local food?

Ryuta : We’ve eaten stuff like Bak Ku Teh and all, but we really like Chilli Crab. The way we eat is a bit different though. Actually, more than the crab, we love the bread that is served with it. We’d order 3 plates of the bread and just eat it. Whats the name of that bread? Agepan? (TN: Fried Bread)

Q: How has flumpool’s music style changed over the 5 years?

Ryuta : We’ve made very sensitive and mellow songs but recently we’ve released more strong songs. There have been changes but we hope to grow musically with these changes.

Q: Flumpool is no stranger to Singapore. In the past 4 visits, what is an unforgettable memory that happened here? And how Ryuta’s mandarin speaking skill now?

Ryuta : (in mandarin) Do you guys want to hear me speak Mandarin?

The best part about being is Singapore is the part about being able to spend time with you guys. The previous time we saw you guys was at a café (it’s a pub) and it was very memorable, as at the end of it, you guys stood? Stood?

Fans correct him by saying it’s jump not stand (in Mandarin)

Ryuta : (in Mandarin) There were many people in the front. We were really happy. It was a great time.

Kazuki : You speak more than you do in Japanese! (laugh)

Ryuta : (in Mandarin) I’m nervous (laugh)

Kazuki: For me I was able to take a picture with the Merlion. The picture looked as though I was drinking the water spurting out of the Merlion. I’m really satisfied about it  (laughs).

Q: What are your plans for the next 5 years and what kind of band do you wish to become in 5 years?

Ryuta : We did collaboration with Mayday and we really respect Mayday. There have many fans from around the world support us and we want to become a band that is able to take on the world too.

Q: What kind of music is your favourite?

Ryuta: The Beatles!

Genki: Acoustic songs. I like piano songs too.

Q: Can we anticipate piano songs?

Everyone : Yes!

The talks then continued with the special performance and also the handing out of posters directly from flumpool members themselves to the VIP fans. For more report, please read here.

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