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AFAID 2014 Ahead!

anniz August 7, 2014 News, Off-Stage Reports 1,616 views
AFAID 2014 Ahead!

The first two Anime Festival Asia Indonesia in 2012 and 2013 attracted over 40,000 attendees per year, ending in a resounding success. Following this success and the continuing rise in popularity of Japanese Popular Culture locally, AFA is back to Indonesia for the 3rd time in 2014, bringing a slice of Japanese Pop culture direct from Tokyo to Jakarta. Anime Festival Asia Indonesia 2014 (AFAID 2014) will continue to establish itself as Indonesia’s top Anime and Japanese Popular Culture event in the nation, is scheduled for the 15 to 17 of August 2014 in Plenary hall, Balai Sidang Jakarta Convention Center. Anime and Japanese Popular Culture fans will enjoy an electrifying line-up of anisong (anime songs) stars direct from Japan.

They can come face-to-face with Japan’s top talent and latest offerings, complete with premium original merchandise, movie screenings, cosplay-related activities, and maid and butler café. The experience will be akin to being in Japan’s famous Akihabara district. AFAID 2014 will focus on popular content and the latest trends based on the interest and preferences of the Indonesian audience. It is a satellite event of Anime Festival Asia, Southeast Asia’s biggest and most anticipated showcase of the latest Japanese popular culture, anime content and stars, happening in December 2014, in Singapore. SOZO, the owners of the Anime Festival Asia brand have teamed up once again with Japan based ZEPP Live, top local concert promoter Marygops Studios and local pop culture media publisher Megindo Group to jointly present Anime Festival Asia Indonesia 2014.

AFAID 2014 Highlights


AFAID 2014 will feature a stellar cast of Anisong (Anime Song) J-Pop Singers and groups direct from Japan. Line-up for the AFAID 2014 I Love Anisong Concerts will be:

  2. Eir Aoi
  4. Hachioji-P
  5. DJ Kazu
  6. Luna Haruna
  7. T.M.Revolution

I ♥ ANISONG Video Teaser



Apart from the concerts, AFAID14 will have something for everyone, depending on their interests. Avid shoppers can look forward to one of the largest collection of original anime merchandise from Akiba Town by some of Japan’s top brands!

To access the AFA Indonesia 2014 Exhibition grounds containing AKIBA TOWN, you will need the 75.000Rp Exhibition ticket.  The Stage + Exhibition ticket (180.000Rp/day) and Concert ticket (450.000Rp/day onwards) will allow you to access exhibition grounds with know additional costs. The AFA Indonesia 2014 Exhibition grounds opens from 10am on Friday and 9am on Saturday / Sunday. Below the floormap for slight info.



Top cosplay celebrities will also grace the stage at AFAID 2014. A special cosplay championship will be held during the festival with the winner representing Indonesia to compete with the region’s best cosplayers  at the Regional Cosplay Championship. The Regional Cosplay Championship will be held in Singapore during the Anime Festival Asia 2014 in December. Cosplay guests are:

  1. Angie (Malaysia)
  2. Ying Tze (Malaysia)
  3. Eugene (Thailand)
  4. Aza Miyuko (South Korea)
  5. Hana & Baozi (China)
  6. King (Taiwan)
  7. Mon (Taiwan)
  8. Kisaki Urumi (Japan)
  9. Pinky LuXun (Indonesia)
  10. Richfield (Indonesia)

AFA cosu


The main stage area, will showcase rare guests from the Anime Industry, including celebrity voice actors and anime producers. Enjoy exclusive anime movies and special screenings scheduled for AFAID 2014. Featured Anime and Game are:

  1. Attack On Titan
  2. Black Bullet
  3. CardFight! Vanguard: Link Joker
  4. Detective Conan
  5. Future Card: Buddyfight
  6. Gundam Unicorn
  7. Hunter X Hunter
  8. K: Missing Kings
  9. Love Live
  10. No Game, No Life
  11. Sword Art Online II

Black Bullet Showcase featuring the Mangaka, Shiden Kanzaki Sensei; Producer, Mitsutoshi Ogura; and editor, Yasutaka Kurosaki. Sword Art Online II featuring Yui’s seiyuu, Kanae Itou and the Producer Shinichirou Kashiwada. No Game No Life featuring anime Director and Producer, Atsuko Ishizuka and Sho Tanaka. Meet them personally only at AFAID 2014.



Visitors to the festival can also experience the iconic Moe Moe Kyun Maid Cafe and Atelier Royale Butler Cafe, exclusively available only at AFA ID 2014, for a memorable dining experience. Goshujin-sama and Ojou-sama, do come by the AFA Cafe this September to enjoy a most delightful tea session served by our charming butlers and kawaii maids! Below the last year cafe atmosphere for mood booster 😉


AFAID 2014 will be held at the Plenary hall, Balai Sidang Jakarta Convention Center

Scheduled date: 15, 16 and 17 of August 2014.

Ticketing: Raja Karcis https://rajakarcis.com/2014/06/11/anime-festival-asia-indonesia-2014/


source: AFA Channel ,  AFAID Facebook


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