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Musumen. Releases 4th Single

Sora August 9, 2014 PV Release, Releases, Single Release 1,308 views
Musumen. Releases 4th Single

Today, Halyosy, Musumen’s song producer and composer, uploaded a new video to Musumen.’s Niconico Douga account. The video is revealed to be Musumen’s 4th single original song, titled, “Honeybee”! The song is composed by Halyosy, with the videography done by TAKE, the editing by Shirofuku and the choreography by YOKO.

In contrast to their usually cute and refreshing works, Honeybee is sexier and seductive. To match the song, the theme of the video as well as their costumes were honey. Though, while we have to admit that the theme honey can get really cheesy really quickly, Musumen.’s members look as gorgeous as they usually do. Of course, the vocals as well as the dance are impeccable too!

The single will start selling on August 23rd, 2014.

The CD contains:
1. Honeybee
2. 1230
3. Honeybee (instrumental)
4. 1230 (instrumental)

While the DVD contains:
1.Honey Bee (MV)
2.Honey Bee (Dance Shot Ver.)
3.Honey Bee (Solo Dance & Close-up Ver.)

You can check out more of Musumen.’s works in their Niconico Douga account as well as their Youtube channel!

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