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99 Live [9th Sep 2014]

aria September 10, 2014 Live Report, On-Stage Reports 778 views

NINETY-NINE to 99nin no Koooi Osaka Geinin (means NINETY-NINE with 99 Persistent Osaka Comedians)

Ticket4000yen, Open18:30, Start19:00, Finish22:00, at NGK!

Performers are NINETY-NINE and 99 comedians lol

The event was almost the same as last year’s one(>>my repo), talk and some neta! It was fun but I wanted Nainai to talk more(^^;;;

And Nainai talked about ninetynine no allnight nippon.. They will quit their radio show that they have been working for 20 years (Yes I’m sooooooooo sad T_T) and some mass media wrote they don’t get along well and will break up soon so quit the radio (LOL) and Nainai said it’s a lie lol Yeah mass media people better make sure first before writing something irresponsible rumors.

Stand flowers from Mechaike and Yabecchi FC and Sugiru TV!!

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