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The K-ble Jungle (K-ブルジャングル)

karina October 1, 2014 News, Off-Stage Reports 1,789 views
The K-ble Jungle (K-ブルジャングル)

The K-ble Jungle have announced they will take to Europe a spectacular tour and show made of melodious rhythm, dance, drama, clothes that seem to have come out from a museum of pop art, but especially of good songs. Brand new examples of their music are the perfect J-Pop of Charming Girl and Akai Uta, a rhythmic song with an electronic sound, but they will also perform their classics, already opening themes of successful TV shows, as Oikakete Summer and Alive. The K-ble Jungle also offers Japanese traditional songs, and at the manga and cosplay festivals, they throw into the show some of the beloved anime songs, in the original version or in the remixed versions produced by DJ Shiru.

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Behind the K-ble Jungle, a new group in the J-Pop and J-Rock panorama, are two artists who together have performed on many stages.  As for the name “K-ble Jungle”, this was decided recently, but for many of you the names ERIKO and DJ Shiru won’t be new, as their energy and vivacity have enlightened the largest festivals in Italy, Switzerland, Portugal, and clubs from France to Japan.

Their musical career together, as a singer and DJ, begun in 2012, with the tour “ERIKO + DJ Shiru LIVE!”, but ERIKO’s love affair with music started much earlier than that, as she stated: “I’ve studied piano and singing since I was at elementary school, and dancing girls’ hip hop was one of my greatest passions at high school. When I was at high school, as a music student I took part in a music contest and got a study holiday in Italy as a prize, so I went to Europe for the first time. In that occasion I appreciated many things, such as the cities, food, culture and people. From that moment on, I’ve always wanted to go back to Europe; at last I decided to go to Italy to deepen my opera song studies, hoping to find a job as well. However, what I initially thought was: I wish to study opera song, then who knows what future will bring?”

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Both in 2013 and in 2014 they have played the manga and Cosplay festivals in Italy as headliner, from Lucca Comics & Games to the Napoli Comicon, from Etna Comics to Roma Comics. Their first demo CD came out only in Japan in occasion of their first tour, and it was distributed only at live concert and special fan meetings in Tokyo and Osaka. In Japan they also recorded a piece with the ensemble of traditional music Za Goninbayashi, a remixed version of their classic Murasaki no Uta, which was originally written by DJ Shiru. In 2014 there are plans for their first single to be published in Italy, Japan and Switzerland, but we don’t know yet if the experimental side of their music, or their J-Pop side, will prevail. Their performances are varied and unique as regards to what happens on the stage, this also because of the guests who perform with them: in 2013 we saw them collaborating with Miho Yamaji, a female player of “koto, and with the male player of shamisen Keisho Ohno, and in 2014 they have shared the stage with the idol group Bakusute Sotokand Icchome.

For more info please visit :
Website: www.kblejungle.com
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/user/kblejungle
Twitter: https://twitter.com/kawasaki0406

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Photos by Yamaguchi Naoya, Studio Diva, Tokyo

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