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NANA MIZUKI LIVE FLIGHT+ 2014 in Singapore

Adestya Ayu October 5, 2014 Featured Content, Live Report, On-Stage Reports 2,043 views
NANA MIZUKI LIVE FLIGHT+ 2014 in Singapore

Although it was too bad that the live viewing in Jakarta’s Blitz for NANA MIZUKI LIVE FLIGHT+ was cancelled, we’re still going to give you the report of the show.
NANA MIZUKI LIVE FLIGHT+ tickets were selling fast before the show, and during the show, they were practically sold out! Nana Mizuki succesfully held her solo concert in Resort World Theatre in Sentosa, Singapore on 27th September with 1500 fans attending the live concert. Live broadcast was hold in 4 other countries, including in Nana’s hometown, Japan with 51 cinema theaters aired the concert and 16,000 people attending. Also in Hongkong (3 theaters), Taiwan (3 theaters), and Thailand (1 theater) with approximately 1000 fans flocked the cinema.

Just before the concert starts, massive crowds lined up outside the venue. Well not only outside the venue, since even at Changi Airport when Nana arrived in the land of Singapore, she had a warm welcome by many fans who flocked around the airport to greet her.
The total songs she performed that night were 22 songs. Nana spectacularly opened the concert with Virgin Code, taken from Nana’s latest album, Supernal Liberty. She enjoyed everything that night; also with the supporting band Cherry Boyrs and back up dancers Team Yoda, who enlivened the show to its hottest ambience.
Just before the first MC, Nana did a great job on Vitalization (-Aufwachen Form-) and Zankou no Gaia. During the MC, she greeted the audience with some English, and not long after she switched back to Japanese. She stressed out the fact that she’s the first Japanese to perform in such a huge venue in the country.
Relaxing song like Silent Bible flowed through the corner of the venue, then here comes fans’ favorite, ETERNAL BLAZE. Nana brought 6 costumes to the show, and during her costume change, the stage was not really empty since there were Cherry Boys who never stops to engage with the audience.

Nana’s jazzy Fun Fun★ People encouraged the audience to chant together that night. Dramatic Love is indeed dramatic since the screens beautifully displayed rainbows, sparkles, and hearts while the blue and pink lightsticks were swayed.
For the second MC, Nana expressed her gratitude to the fans who greeted her at the airport the night before. She also reminisced her first live in Singapore with AFA last year, and that she really wants the staffs to let her have Singapore chilli crab. The second MC was also enriched with the interaction of the supporting band’s jokes.

Setsuna Capacity, Fate, GUILTY and still in the groove were played without the pause. Nana changed her costume in a glittery pink flight attendant and the audience started to chant together asking her to spin around.
After the hype and popish songs, the darker songs like Mugen and Antique Nachtmusik were performed. Nana with a hooded black cloak made the atmosphere even darker and more mysterious. A truly entertainer, she is!
Kakumei Dualism which is originally a duet with TM Revolution was also performed. Then what was followed was Appassionato. She also performed a song from her new single Kindan no Resistance which will be released on 15th October. This song  is a song for a tv anime series titled 「クロスアンジュ天使と竜の論舞(ロンド)」(CROSS ANGE).

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The spinning towels and claps were replaced by orange lightstick during POWER GATE and everyone sang together in unison. The last song was Miracle Night, and miracle did happened. Blue flags were hold and waved by every audience coming to the concert. Even Nana herself was caught in her own surprised. NM7.RGG recounts that Nana’s fanclub arranged this, that the flag symbolizes Nana’s milestone achievement. Each of the flag was embossed with words “Our journey together has only just begun”.

For encore, Nana wore the blue official concert t-shirt and POPMASTER began. She also announced that the Singapore live will be released as a live DVD. The following song was Discotheque and another magical song, Shin Ai, which reflected Nana’s love to her fans.
Nana addressed the audience one last time before she left the stage, “It was the best! I’m looking forward to coming to Singapore again! Thank you very much. After this Mizuki Nana will…” which was answered by the audience with a roar “Kakatte koi!” (Come Again!!).

A gratitude in Nana’s trembling voice over the happiness was relieving. As fans, our own guilty pleasure was when we see our idol enjoyed the whole show together with the whole crowd, right? And after Nana left the stage, someone gave a signal to do a sanbonjime (three sets of three claps and followed by one final clap) to the audience and they did everything perfectly.
For you who missed out the concert in Singapore, you may want to consider to come to LIVE FLIGHT+ 2014 which will be continued in Taiwan on 4 and 5 October.

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