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RADWIMPS to release “Batsu to Maru to Tsumi to” DVD this December

Adestya Ayu October 6, 2014 DVD Release, Releases 1,599 views
RADWIMPS to release “Batsu to Maru to Tsumi to” DVD this December

The end of the year will be a fascinating month for RADWIMPS lovers, especially if you come to their “Batsu to Maru to Tsumi to” tour this year. You feel like you can’t wait to see them on stage again, right? The good news is that their new Bluray/DVD featuring their latest tour “RADWIMPS GRAND PRIX 2014” will be ready on the shops’ racks on 3rd December and the title is “RADWIMPS Live & Document 2014 “Batsu to Maru to Tsumi to”!

The price for each edition will be different as follow:
Blu-ray Limited Edition: 8500yen
Blu-ray Standard Edition: 6500yen
DVD Limited Edition: 3DVD/7500yen
DVD Standard Edition: 3DVD/5500yen

The Bluray/DVD will contain a total of 23 live performances on their April live at Saitama Super Arena on 26th and 27th April. They also release a teaser trailer for the DVD, and man… you just have to get this DVD in your collection shelf! 

RADWIMPS Live & Document 2014 “Batsu to Maru to Tsumi to” Track list:
Dreamer’s High (ドリーマーズ・ハイ)
One man live
Gimme Gimmick (ギミギミック)
Iron Bible (アイアンバイブル)
Tremolo (トレモロ)
masu. (ます。)
Perfect Baby (パーフェクトベイビー)
Bless (ブレス)
Jikkyou Chuukei (実況中継)
Oshakashama (おしゃかしゃま)
Saigo no Bansan (最後の晩餐)
Scissor Stand (シザースタンド)
Last Virgin (ラストバージン)
Yuushinron (有心論)
Kimi to Hitsuji to Ao (君と羊と青)
Kaishin no Ichigeki (会心の一撃)
Hari to Toge (針と棘)

Iin desuka? (いいんですか?)
Gogatsu no Hae (五月の蝿)

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