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“GOLD SYMPHONY” Album for 10th Anniversary of AAA

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“GOLD SYMPHONY” Album for 10th Anniversary of AAA

Celebrating their 10th Anniversary, which was held on 14 September, AAA released their 9th album on 1st October, titled “GOLD SYMPHONY”. This album allows listeners to feel the bond between the members, and is similar in concept to their first arena tour that started in May “AAA ARENA TOUR 2014-Gold Symphony-“

AAA (Triple A), a backronym for Attack All Around, is a 7-member (Takahiro Nishijima, Misako Uno, Naoya Urata, Mitsuhiro Hidaka, Shinjirou Atae, Shuuta Sueyoshi, and Chiaki Itou) Japanese pop group signed to the label Avex Trax which debuted in September 2005. The name has the meaning of challenging everything, and the group is marketed by their label as a “super performance unit”. The group was formed through Avex’s auditions and originally consisted of five young men and three young women who had acted in commercials and had experience being back dancers for other Japanese stars, such as Ayumi Hamasaki and Ami Suzuki.

The new album’s lineup includes a great compilation of hit singles such as “Love” and “Wake up!”, along with “Sayonara no Mae ni”, whose music video reached 1 million views in the fastest speed ever for AAA, as well as “Next Stage” used as the theme song for the “One Piece” special aired on 30th August. Upon reaching such a critical juncture as their 10th anniversary, AAA makes a new start!

AAA also announced that the theme song for “ONE PIECE “3D2Y” Ace no shi wo koete! Luffy nakama to no chikai” titled “Next Stage” will be also included to the album. The other details for the album were also released, so check them out together with the album visuals. Please look forward to a memorable year!


Release date: 2014/10/01
– CD + DVD + Goods ver. 5,000 yen (+ tax)
– CD + DVD ver. 4,000 yen (+ tax)
– CD ver. 3,000 yen (+ tax)

AAA ARENA TOUR 2014 -Gold Symphony-
2014/09/14 (Sun) Marin Messe Fukuoka
2014/09/15 (Mon)Marin Messe Fukuoka
2014/09/20 (Sat) Yokohama Arena
2014/09/21 (Sun) Yokohama Arena
2014/09/27 (Sat) Nihon Gaishi Hall
2014/09/28 (Sun) Nihon Gaishi Hall
2014/10/ 4 (Sat) Osaka-jo Hall
2014/10/ 5 (Sun) Osaka-jo Hall


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