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a-nation press conference with Ayumi Hamasaki and m-flo [17 October 2014]

Adestya Ayu October 17, 2014 Featured Content, Live Report, On-Stage Reports 1,775 views
a-nation press conference with Ayumi Hamasaki and m-flo [17 October 2014]

Finally, tomorrow is the day!!

How excited all of you can be?

a-nation which is Japan’s largest Summer festival is really going to be held in Singapore for the first time. Well, it is going to be their first overseas concert too!! It will be opened tomorrow with line ups such as Ayumi Hamasaki, m-flo, Sonar Pocket, GENERATIONS, and so on. Today, performing artistes Ayumi Hamasaki and m-flo shared their excitement in a media conference in Marina Bay Sands.

m-flo’s Verbal has performed in Singapore once before, but now a-nation Singapore marks the first time that m-flo is performing as a group. Both artistes, Verbal and DJ Taku shared light moments including anecdotes of their friendship during their school days. Verbal has known DJ Taku since fifth grade, and his first encounter with DJ Taku was when he burst into school with a video camera and asked Verbal to be a part of his own movie. Although the movie never came true, their friendship has grown ever since.

When they were asked about their future plans and how they have grown for the past 15 years, m-flo stressed the importance of constantly evolving and believing in what they do, despite the pressure and expectations faced from fans and the music industry. The hip-hop group professes that they can get bored easily and part of their philosophy is to “break the mould” and always try to be witty. On their thoughts on performing for a-nation tomorrow, m-flo acknowledged that it’s a very special milestone for them since it’s their first time to perform as m-flo as well as being part of a-nation in Singapore.

Ayumi Hamasaki, commonly known as the J-POP Diva, was also delighted to be back in Singapore while her first visit was 12 years ago. She shared that her performance tomorrow will include songs from her latest album, “Colours” and some of her older songs. When asked if she would be keen to hold a solo concert in Singapore in the near future, Ayumi smiled and excitedly said that she would love to make that happen.

Dressed in chic black and gold, Ayumi candidly told the press that her style today is inspired by her own songs and her views on how she wants to be, regardless of whether it is considered “trendy or not”. When asked about her school-days, Ayumi also shared that she used to be a tomboy and a lonely figure when she was a kid. She also mentioned that one of her regrets was quitting high school early so she urged all students to enjoy school and preserve on with their studies.

As we mentioned that we’re from Indonesia, Ayumi was so excited and she added that she really wants to go to Indonesia and holds a live here. We really hope that it will come true soon ^^

Ayumi Hamasaki and m-flo will join 5 other artistes from Japan, Taiwan and Singapore tomorrow in the biggest Japan Festival in Singapore which is organized by Japan’s no. 1 entertainment company, “avex”.

The premium showcase also will feature top artistes performing up close and the latest fashion-related content. Tickets range from SGD138 to SGD248.

For more information, check http://a-nation.net/singapore


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