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[INTERVIEW] Lantis Festival 2015: Preview Talks With Hiroshi Kitadani from JAM PROJECT

anniz December 10, 2014 Featured Content, Interview 1,642 views
[INTERVIEW] Lantis Festival 2015: Preview Talks With Hiroshi Kitadani from JAM PROJECT

Lantis presents Anisong World Tour, Lantis Festival 2015 at AFASG December 5-7 last week. As a sneak peak countdown to March 28th 2015, Lantis brought their famous Superstar today, Hiroshi Kitadani, to Lantis Festival booth. Are you ready?

Hiroshi Kitadani is a Japanese anisong vocalist, who primarily performs theme songs for anime. He currently works with JAM Project. He is most famous for singing the first and fifteenth opening themes of the popular anime series One Piece. JAM Project (“JAM” standing for “Japan Animationsong Makers”) is an anime music (or anisong) super group based in Japan which consists of many famous vocal artists in the industry; aside from the many anime, tokusatsu, and video game theme songs.

Fortunately Kojacon Team could join the interview session with Kitadani-san which was held at AFASG on Sunday December 7th 2014. We were very excited to get to know further about Lantis Festival 2015 from the artist itself. Without further ado, let’s check them out guys!


Kitadani-san thank you for coming to AFASG2014 and welcome back to Singapore, it’s been a long time since 2010. How do you feel by coming again?

Thank you very much for the warm welcome. Actually I prefer my last visit, because I could go to the zoo, take many pictures at Merlion, and go swimming at free time. This time, my schedule is quite tight so I couldn’t play a lot around Singapore. Anyway I still enjoy this visit because I could meet all of Singaporean fans once again.

What is your first memory by hearing the words “Singapore”?

I remember when JAM PROCEJT members were staying at Marina Bay Hotel, there’s a swimming pool at the rooftop. I really really wanted to swim there but I have a height phobia so I was just shaking around and I couldn’t move even one step to that swimming pool (LOL) Another member laughed at me happily.

Please give us your comment about the upcoming Lantis Festival in Singapore.

After all success in Japan, I’m looking forward to enjoy the concert with you all, and also all the artist will give their best for Lantis World Tour. For Lantis Label itself, this time is the first time that we could hold live overseas. We can’t wait to sing Anisong together with Anime fans all around the world. We will also make a surprise collaboration only for Lantis Festival in Singapore, so I hope you all will enjoy our performance later.

We know about Lantis Matsuri Zenkoku Tour is held every year in Japan, may we know the reason why Lantis made the World Tour this time?

We’ve heard about Anisong fans around the world keep increasing their number, and that many pop culture events popped out lately proves that Anime and Anisong are really loved by the fans. Not only in Asia and South East Asia, we also heard about the hype in Europe and America. That’s why we’d like to try having this World Tour Event. I hope all fans can enjoy watching the Anisong artist Live in their own home country.

The schedule for next year is decided, but if there are another chance to make a World Tour in the future, maybe two or three years later, is there any particular country do you want to visit?

Frankly speaking, I want to visit all country which I’ve never been before (LOL) Anyway I like warm country, so I want to visit Indonesia or Australia if I have chance. I hope we can hold an event there.

Could you tell us your best moment at Lantis Festival?

I have a lot of good memory about Lantis Festival. There’s an Anisong artist group I adore the most, it’s like an idol group formed by four seiyuus named Sphere, and I could perform together with them at the 10th Lantis Festival. I was so nervous yet so happy, that moment became my best Lantis Festival ever.

What is your “Turning Point” to become an Anisong artist?

It was when I sang Opening Theme for Anime One Piece, “We Are”. Previously, I often made song in J-Pop world rather than Anisong. After the One Piece project, I got a chance to join JAM Project and continued singing Anisong until now.

So what is the difference between J-Pop and Anisong? And why you chose Anisong instead?

When my contract with one of J-Pop label was ended, I was thinking about my next career. Fortunately, like a miracle I received an offer from Anisong Record Label and I approved it right away. After that, I joined JAM Project and I thought that Anisong suits me best than J-pop. At least, that’s how I feel.

Who is the closest friend of yours among JAM PROJECT member?

As the member whom I respect, it’s Kageyama-san, our team leader. He is very kind and also strict, but he’s also a good friend to have a talk with, so we are all respect him. As the closest friend, I’ll choose Fukuyama. We often go hangout together, we eat dinner and have a drink until midnight (LOL)

Besides “One Piece – We Are”, which song is your favorite?

Wow this is kinda difficult. Basically I love all anisong, especially if it’s our own anisong (LOL) But if you ask my favorite, I should answer another soundtrack of One Piece, We Go!

You said that One Piece was your turning point in Anisong world. Speaking of which, do you also read Shonen Jump?

Yes I read Shonen Jump, but honestly I prefer watching anime than reading manga. I like to watch how the seiyuu acts as anime character. So I watch One Piece in TV more often than read One Piece manga.

As we know Naruto and One Piece are the same manga from Shonen Jump. Following the previous question, how do you feel after “Naruto” manga ended?

I was shocked when I heard Naruto had ended, and actually it was really the last chapter of Naruto. I felt like the mangaka of Naruto and One Piece are from the same generations and respect each other. I also respect to them a lot. I just can’t believe the friendly competition between them should be ended soon. What a shocking news! Anyway I heard some gossip that One Piece would probably continue for the next 10 years (LOL)

If you could be a pirate, like any character in One Piece, what kind of pirates do you want to be? And which devil fruit you will eat as the pirate?

Nice question! From the very beginning, I don’t like to make a mess like a normal pirate usually do, so I think I’ll choose Ussop. I want to be a pirate like Ussop, do nothing just taking around and forcing another people to make a riot (LOL) About devil fruit, I want to eat “utauta no mi” the devil fruit which could make you sing a song to attack bad people.

What is “ANISONG” means to you?

Finally this question! Hahaha.. What is it.. yeah… For me, Anisong is my destiny, I think it’s like a mission in my life. Anisong has lifted my career until this stage and I feel that I have a duty to fulfill to return all of this to Anisong. I’ll do my best to make Anisong more famous and well known all over the world.




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