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Alice Nine has officially make a comeback as A9!!

karina March 4, 2015 News, Off-Stage Reports 1,157 views
Alice Nine has officially make a comeback as A9!!

In their 10 years of activity, Alice Nine had experience a lot and decided to become an independent artist. They are going to deliver a brand new image as A9 for their fans with a new song titled “Phoenix” which had released recently on YouTube. Phoenix is being chosen as the comeback song titled for its meaning to represent an image of rising from the ashes which become the image to resembled A9 comeback.

The full version of this song has been released earlier to let all the fans able to see the current A9 which hopefully to meet the fans expectation who had been waiting for their comeback. Furthermore, the image of this song is a return of an origin. With a new unique music style of A9 which mixing up a Japanese and Western sound, the fans can enjoy a deeper feeling not only in the music but also on the visual side.

“Phoenix” Music Video

The special story behind Show‘s black fox mask, that they would like it to be noticed, it is being decorated with crystals from Swarovski. The mask covers the face and make up of the singer which can be interpreted as a challenging action to redefine the well known visual rock that they were proud of.

START-UP EP will come with the title 『銀河ノヲト』(Sound from galaxy) which also contain the song, slated to be release in August. The details and other information related with the upcoming release will be updated in official site on a later date. This comeback EP will be produced with a self-produced fund system that popular as a “crowd funding,” named A9 FUND PROJECT, which being set for the fans all over the world. They use this method to raise a question about the problems of releasing and creativity in the recent music market. They hope that one day, even people who are not a fans of A9 can also notice this project.

Please kindly check this website regarding the crowd funding : http://a9-project.com/a9cf/index_us.html

■Release information
『銀河ノヲト』(Sound from Galaxy)

■Official Site : http://a9-project.com

■Official YouTube : https://www.youtube.com/user/A9CH

■Official Twitter : https://twitter.com/a9_official

■Official LINE : @a9_line http://line.me/ti/p/%40sfo4470u

Moreover, A9 will be releasing live event information to completed their rebirth. Stay tuned for more exciting news from A9 and drop us your thought about rebirth of A9 on comment box!

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