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ROOT FIVE Down One, Dasoku Graduates

Sora March 27, 2015 News, Off-Stage Reports 1,888 views
ROOT FIVE Down One, Dasoku Graduates

It’s a little sudden, but just last night, Dasoku has announced through his LINE@ as well as his Twitter accounts that he will be graduating  from ROOT FIVE as of October 2015. However, he also mentioned that he will be continuing on his solo project as Dasoku, so please do support him even after the withdrawal!

A copy of the message as well as a translation to it can be found below:



It has been decided that as of the end of October 2015, I will be graduating from Root Five! Thank you very much for your support until now! Until the end of October, my activities in Root Five will remain unchanged, so please take care of me!

Even after the graduation, I will still be continuing my solo activities as Dasoku.


As of Root Five, they have announced this in the official site as wel, which you can check out below, together with our translations of it:

いつも、ROOT FIVEを応援していただき誠にありがとうございます。


2015年3月25日 のニコニコ生放送「ROOT FIVEのタイトル未定!!」内にて発表いたしました通り、

メンバーの「蛇足」が、2015年10月末をめどにROOT FIVEを卒業させていただくことになりました。


放送内でもメンバーよりお話した通り、メンバー5人で何度も話し合いを持 ち、本日の発表とさせていただきました。

卒業までの約半年間、短い期間ではありますが、これまでと変わらず5人での 活動を続けさせていただきますので、



また、メンバー4人となった後も、ROOT FIVEの活動は継続してまいります。


引き続き、ROOT FIVEならびに蛇足への応援をお願い申し上げる次第 です。






As always, thank you for your support for ROOT FIVE.

As mentioned in our live broadcast on March 25, 2015, “ROOT FIVE’s Title Pending!!”, as of the end of October 2015, our member Dasoku will be graduating from ROOT FIVE.

As mentioned by the members in the broadcast, all 5 members have talked about this carefully, and have decided to announce it today. There is still approximately half a year left, and while it is a short period of time, our activities as ROOT FIVE will remain unchanged until then, thus we look forward to your continuous support.

Furthermore, we will still continue our activities as ROOT FIVE with the remaining 4 members. Of course, Dasoku’s activity as a solo artist will continue as well, therefore, we look forward towards your support and guidance for both ROOT FIVE as well as Dasoku.

Thank you very much.



There has been nothing said over the reasons why Dasoku quit, or any future plans for ROOT FIVE, but nonetheless, let’s give our utmost support towards both Dasoku as a solo artist, as well as ROOT FIVE!



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