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WAGAKKI BAND ~Official Global Fan Club~

anniz April 15, 2015 Featured Content, News, Profile, Translations 5,407 views
WAGAKKI BAND ~Official Global Fan Club~

Is there any Wagakki Band’s fans out there?! Be prepared!  Official global fan-club of Wagakki Band, called “YAERYU” will officialy launch on this April 23rd! What isi this all about? Let’s check below menu together!

Special live performance on the “Nikoniko Super Conference 2015” avex stage and entry campaign will be held on April 26th. On one-year anniversary since Wagakki Band’s debut, it has been decided that the official global fan club “Yae-ryu” will be launched on April 23rd, 2015.

The name of “Yae-ryu” means the style of “Wagakki Band” creating the color of the sounds played with 8 musicians, and it has been named as a group which inherits “Wagakki Band”‘s style and traditions. The fan club welcomes all fans based not only in Japan but also overseas in order to transmit the beauty of the ancient Japanese traditional art such as Wagakki, dance performance and Shigin (chanting of poem) across the globe. This is one and only tradition that “Wagakki Band” members and fans will create together!

That is the “Waggaki Band” official global fan club “Yae-ryu”
[Annual membership fees]3,200 yen (including tax)
*Service charge 500 yen will be additionally charged.
*Depending on the method of the payment, it may be charged on the foreign currency where you apply for the member case ships.
In that case, the annual membership fees and service charge will be converted into the appropriate foreign currencies.



  • Limited Special Offer★

If you join the fan club until May 10th, 2015, you will be able to apply for the draw for the advanced ticket reservation for the Japan 1st Tour, starting this coming Fall. Tickets will be sold out for surely. Special live performance will be held on the “Nikoniko Super Conference 2015” avex stage at Makuhari-Messe on April 26th! Additionally, the campaign for joining the membership will be conducted at “Nikoniko Super Conference 2015”

If you join the fan club “Yae-ryu” at the booth of the venue, we give away single CDs “Mamoritai Hito”(unreleased) to the first 1000 people! “Mamoritai Hito” is a special song which will not be released as a regular CD. “Mamoritai Hito”(unreleased) could download from 23rd, April only for Fan Club member. (There is a possibility of change)

* From the “Exclusive Enrolling Page at the Venue” which we will inform you at the avex booth located at the venue, we will request you to conduct the admission procedure for the membership by the cell phones and/or smart phones.
* Please note that people who have already enrolled the fan club are not received this offer. Thank you for your kind understanding.
* We accept cash only for the membership fees.
* The Special live performance and entry campaign will be held on April 26th only.
* We will announce the opening time of the special live performance later on.
* You will be able to see the special live performance if you hold the entry ticket for “Nikoniko Super Conference 2015” .
*After Fan Club open,you could enroll anytime all over the world from official Fan Club web site.
*Procedure at the venue for enrollment to Fan Club, you need sign up yourself.
*Unnecessary any identification for enrollment.
*You could enroll to Fan Club even if you are minor.We interpret that a minor who will enroll to Fan Club has consent with a person with parental authority.
*No matter where you live, you could enroll to Fan Club at the venue.


Their will announce how to apply for the membership and the opening time of the fan club websites at 23rd, April. So what are you thinking for? Let’s join the Wagakki Band Official Global Fan Club now!


Source: Wagakki Band Official Website

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