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AAA’s 10th Anniversary Year : The Group Welcomes The Finale of Their First Asia Tour in Taiwan

karina April 17, 2015 Featured Content, Live Report, On-Stage Reports 1,328 views
AAA’s 10th Anniversary Year : The Group Welcomes The Finale of Their First Asia Tour in Taiwan

AAA will be welcoming the arrival of their 10th year debut anniversary this September. The group kicked-off their first ever Asia tour in Singapore, followed by performances in Hong Kong and Jakarta, before ending the tour with finale at Taipei’s ATT Show Box.

AAA group shot 2

Takahiro Nishijima
At the press conference before the start of the concert, “When we first arrived in Taiwan, we were so happy to receive such a warm welcome at the airport,” commented Nishijima.

Shuta Sueyoshi
“We learnt a lot of Taiwanese phrases, so we can’t wait to show them off during the concert.” quips Sueyoshi.

Misako Uno
Uno says, “Taiwan is really close to Japan, but I haven’t actually visited before. Coming here, the atmosphere is really similar to Japan so it’s a relief. After visiting 3 different countries and coming to Taiwan the familiarity feels like we have come back home to Japan.”

AAA group shot 1
At the show, the curtain rises and the members enter. In front of their Taiwanese fans deep with anticipation, the group started with “PARTY IT UP”, a dance number which is a must at their live concerts – which sent the venue’s atmosphere into overdrive at once. With high tempo tunes like “SHOUT & SHAKE” and “SHOW TIME” that heated up the crowd, there was a good balance of ballad numbers like “Koi-Oto to Amazora”, “Love” and “Sayonara no Mae ni”, including “Lil’ Infinity”, the second single that was released as a part of their 10th anniversary commemoration over a period of seven months.

AAA group shot 3
During the performance of “V.O.L”, the members gave a lecture on the choreography -language barriers were overcome, and the fans became one with the members. All members completed their self-introduction in Taiwanese at MC time.

Chiaki Itou
Ito, who was in Taiwan 8 years ago for filming, “The Taiwanese cast whom I’ve filmed with on a drama together 8 years ago treated me really well. I’ve always wanted to bring my members to visit Taiwan – today, I have finally fulfilled that dream. Everyone, thank you so much.” expressed her gratitude to the fans present at the venue.

Mitsuhiro Hidaka

Naoya Urata

Shinjiro Atae
Although it was drizzling and chilly in Taipei, it didn’t matter to the fans, who were wrapped with a heated enthusiasm from start to finish. Running in full force for their 10th anniversary year – having ended their Asia Tour on a high note and their national tour just round the corner kick starting in May, you won’t be able to take your eyes off AAA!

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