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“Uta no Prince Sama ~ Maji Love Revolution” Premier Screening

anniz April 29, 2015 Featured Content, Live Report, On-Stage Reports 1,743 views
“Uta no Prince Sama ~ Maji Love Revolution” Premier Screening

Welcoming latest TV anime of Uta no Prince Sama titled “Maji Love Revolution” premier screening was held at Toyo Theater Chiyoda, Tokyo on March 27th – 29th 2015.  The event start at 19.30PM after Kenichi Ono, the moderator, opened the curtain.  Lucky fan who won the chuusen ticket could watch the first episode of Utapuri before it’s air time on early April. This screening event is separated in three days with cast appearance as below details:

Friday, March 27th 2015
Kishou Taniyama as Natsuki Shinomiya
Junichi Suwabe as Ren Jinguji
Shouta Aoi as Ai Mikaze

Saturday,March 28th 2015
Takuma Terashima as Otoya Ittoki
Mamoru Miyano as Tokiya Ichinose
Shoutarou Morikubo as Reiji Kotobuki

Sunday, March 29th 2015
Hiro Shimono as Shou Kurusu
Kousuke Toriumi as Cecil Aijima
Tomoaki Maeno as Camus



Unfortunately Kenichi Suzumura as Masato Hijirikawa and Tatsuhisa Suzuki as Ranmaru Kurosaki couldn’t attend this event since they were attending Lantis Festival, Anisong World Tour in Singapore on the exactly same date. Then by watching the opening MV from Quartet Night “The Dice Are Cast” attended seiyuu came on stage. First session was watching the cut scene from previous season. First season was showing how Haruka Nanami accidentally meet her princes at school and second season was showing Utapuri Award when STARISH had a stage battle against HEAVENS.  Finally new MV from STARISH “Maji Love Revolution” is brought to the audience. Next session was watching the first episode of Utapuri 3rd season, and continuing by “talk corner” with attended casts. Discussion theme was about recording site, TV anime,  Utapuri Live 4th Stage, impression of new season and of course a lot of new songs development.



Audience was surprised by Ren appearance wearing Ren Jinguji Parka that also amazed Natsuki and Ai. For opening, Natsuki talked about the anime which couldn’t be at this stage without all staff’s hard work, and he was kinda affraid this series will be continued and will have no ending if all fans keep suporting Utapuri forever. Then Ren cut off by saying even though new season of Utapuri still had the same plot as the previous (how Haruka meet her princes one by one) but it had become more sophisticated, especially when Camus appear on the back of white horse! He was pretty sure that scene is the best scene on first episode LOL while Ai told a story about fun recording with senpaitachi ( in Utapuri casting, Ai is the senpai one though) and he was very excited to be enrolled again in this third season.

Natsuki and Ren from STARISH talked about their chat in first episode as the opening. When STARISH and Haruka talked about SSS entry and revolution, Shining Saotome pronounced “revolution-nu” in japanese dialogue instead of “revolution”, then all cast trying so hard spelling “REVOLUTION-NU” in afureko trial, but after all at recording they were all finally said “RE-BO-RYU-SHON” (without nu) except Ren who said “REVOLUTION” perfectly.   Ai from Quartet Night talked about the opening song titled “The Dice Are Cast” which actually was a very difficult song, but fortunately they could make it.

Noriyasu Agematsu, as the Utapuri’s music producer, added that the power of the music was increasing and he was very happy to make the song level more difficult. Natsuki said that actually Agematsu-san wanted to create even higher level for Utapuri’s song and thought we need someone to calm him down. Ren pleased everyone to enjoy all new song in this third season, “there will be a lot of surprise for you all!” , he added. Guess what? Ren is the one who got surprised! At closing time, Utapuri staff came to the stage with a birthday cake! yes it was Suwabe-san (Ren’s cast) birthday! Audience were singing happy birthday to him together! Happy birthday Suwabe-san! 😀 Birthday greetings from 900 audience closed the first day.




Not so far from the previous day, many great comments popped out like “Haruka is so kawaii” or “Nice concert scene!”  as long as first episode was screening. From the second season, Haruka’s relation with both STARISH and Quartet Night was closer and  better. Some opinion about this third season said that Haruka’s relation with STARISH is more closer than before but not with the Quartet Night, Haruka seems so far away from them. Then Reiji imitated greetings from Tsukimiya-sensei by saying “OHAYAPPU~” to audience.

Tokiya asked about the theme or title for the third season. Otoya answered just like most fans predicted, it supposed to be 3000% but actually it’s not! LOL So, which one is true? whether the title decided from the very first time, when 1000% was airing? Or the idea just came out suddenly when new season about to begin? No one knows anyway. Then Tokiya said what did they discuss at changing room before this event started, in CD cover of “Maji Love Revolution” Shou is showing three fingers out, just like the title will be “Maji Love 3000%”, Otoya agree and said he didn’t recognize until recording already finished. Then why the title became revolution? It’s still mystery.

Reiji talked about the charachter developing in third season. So STARISH now looks more solid as a team and their teamwork had created some new unit shuffle songs called “cross unit”, while in the other hand Quartet Night emphasize their individualism character. Quartet Night may still singing as one group, but for chara song they release all song in solo version. That mean the strength of STARISH will be a teamwork and the strength of Quartet Night will be their individual ability.  “So, I think it’s how third season will be” explained Reiji.

Last session would be time for anime expectation. Otoya wished STARISH could be the opening artist for an SSS for real, and if Shining Saotome realize it, maybe they’re all will be jumped out from earth to the sky. Looking back from previous “UchuuPuri” Tokiya said, he would be happier if the princes could fight aliens from another planet, but he also wanna go to Cecil’s hometown, Agna Palace, and Camus’ hometown Silk Palace. Reiji’s answer was the brilliant and the logically possible one. Reiji hoped these idols will make a new play or stage in this new season, like become Space Rangers or Mecha Pilot in some movie, and maybe futuristic commercial, so that “Gekidan Shining” will come true in the future.

Ending part was coming, time to say goodbye. Tokiya asked the audience to look forward for something new that everyone never seen before, if he could added, of course about their song and dance. Otoya said that he was very envy and jealous to all audience who could join the premier screening today, all cast and staff were also very happy about this and please enjoy utapuri until the very end of the season. Reiji had prepared new greetings, different from the 1000% and 2000%. This time, instead of saying “yoroshiku machocho”, Reiji was saying “sarabada saradaba” as good bye.




At last, we reached the final day of premier screening. When the seiyuu came to the stage, not only fangirls screamed out loud this time, but there were also many fanboys scream! how come?! Shou, Cecil, and Camus’ turn to have talk session for last day.

Shou opinion for first episode was “I’m very noisy” and that made audience laughed hard. Then Shou told a short story when he was in afureko trial, he had to try his scream as loudest as he could. “At real recording I shouted “DAISUKI” just like it.  Hopefully it was louder than the loudest..” said Shou. At that moment, Cecil screamed “DAISUKI DA” in front of the audience just like Shou in first episode and made audience scream also LOL”. Next is Cecil. Cecil said as the foreigner in the anime original story, he likes height (Shou and Camus didn’t understand the reason though) as in first episode Cecil jumped off from tree and took a long gliding time before landed. It just proved that Cecil is so kakkoii. Camus talked about his first scene, which already discussed in previous days, Camus was taking a ride on horse back! Some audience questioned about how many percent of  possibility rates in 5th stage that Camus will appear with white horse or even pegasus? Camus answered “I’m affraid it will be high possibility, since Camus appearance in second season was holding blue diamond stick and he also brought the same stick at 3rd stage LOL”.

They have recorded Utapuri in many ways, such as anime, game, and Character Song CD, but Shou still seems a bit nervous to have a meet up after a long time. Cecil also nervous when they were recording for new anime theme “Maji Love Revolution” but fortunately they could make a clear tune. Then Cecil gave an example by singing his part “Tokimeki no” and “Revolution!” and successfully got applaused from audience. Following the recording, the discussion came to 4th stage. On previous 3rd stage, all cast were gathering at Shou’s room. This time, staff already prepared one suite room to gather up all 11 casts, so it’s just like high school study tour when they were ended up chatting and laughing all night long before concert. Most trending topic at that time was how Shou could learn “flying” scene, and Shou answered “it was very difficult!”

For ending part, the talk went to anime’s story, this season definately a lot of senpai-kouhai scene will appear. In case of boring, they hoped to have a recording time without their “senpai” LOL. Camus returned for the closing message by wearing Prince Parka, it made screams heard all over the hall again from all fangirl audience for sure. Cecil’s farewell was using proper Japanese just like in the anime and Shou greeted “zenryoku zenkai de ganbarimasu!” for bye bye.



Source: Utapuri Official Website

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