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Warui WARAI [6th Jun 2015]

aria June 7, 2015 Live Report, On-Stage Reports 785 views

Warui WARAI!

Performers: Messenger Aihara, Tutorial Fukuda, ShampooHat Koide, GarigariGarikuson, Masao Nakanishi(a journalist)..

Ticket 2500yen, Open 18:30, Start 19:00, Finish 20:45 at Gion Kagetsu

This “Keep Everything Secret” event again! >>my previous repo of this event.

So I only can tell you that.. they talked about MONEY MONEY MONEY as always lol

This comedy duo, 8.6sec bazooka was the special guest. They debuted last April and became popular dramatically of this neta.

The first time I saw them is 99 live >>this, and then this comedy duo, Waraimeshi’s TV program.. and then they suddenly got popular lol

They told their senpai comedians their worries and questions. And.. I learned the comedian world is complicated too lol

—– omake :P —–

I visited Nijyo Castle~~~(^.^)

You must love this place if you like Shinsengumi( ✧Д✧)

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