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[INTERVIEW] Akira Itou Sensei ~ Mangaka of CardFight!! Vanguard

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[INTERVIEW] Akira Itou Sensei ~ Mangaka of CardFight!! Vanguard

Hi everyone!
Today Kojacon had an interview with Itou-Sensei.

Akira Itou-Sensei, also credited in English as Akira Itou, is a manga artist. He is co-creator of Cardfight!! Vanguard in collaboration with Satoshi Nakamura (technical advisor for Duel Masters), and Bushiroad president Takāki Kidani. He is the author of Cardfight!! Vanguard and Cardfight!! Vanguard G, as well as the illustrator/designer of several cards in the game. Previously Ito worked as an assistant to Kazuki Takahashi, the creator of the Yu-Gi-Oh! franchise, on the Yu-Gi-Oh! manga. He later drew Yu-Gi-Oh! R while Takahashi composed the storyline. Itou’s drawing style is similar to Takahashi’s.


Good morning Itou-Sensei! Thanks for coming today! Is it your first time to Singapore?
Good morning! Nice to see you all here in this event! Yes, this is my first time coming to Singapore. Actually this also my first time going to south east Asia country.

So what do you expect about this overseas event? And how is your impression after join this event today?
For this kind of overseas Japanese pop culture exhibition, this is my first time attended Vanguard event outside Japan. Really surprised that there’s a lot of people playing Vanguard and I’m so happy to meet you all just now on Vanguard Stage. I think even if the audiences don’t understand Japanese language, since the card is the same card, you can always play with them.

Is there any special preparation to go abroad?
I don’t think there something special beside to prepare my English. But my English is so bad. Another things already packed up and I’ve got a lot of help from staff. For me, nothing particular. LOL.

Itou-sensei had made card game theme manga such as Yu-Gi-Oh! R and CardFight!! Vanguard and they’ve already well-known over the world. Is there any other genre of manga you want to make?
I like card game plot. It’s like we could get various things from a simple card game story, such as friendship, teamwork, strategy, communication, etc. And that makes me want to write another story from card game. But anyway, beside card game maybe I wanna try to make a car race story.

Is there any difficulty or problem when your manga is animated to TV series?
Fortunately no such things. Everything went well and I thanked all the animation staff for that.

Where did you get the idea to create all cards in Vanguard?
That’s it! I’ve always been troubled with that cards’ idea! LOL. I often go to library and read many books about various mystical creatures or character design from all around the world, and I think about them while studying there.

If you get any chance in the future, do you want to do collaboration with another mangaka?
Wow! I’m very happy to do that. Shonen manga or shoujo manga is not a problem. I like to read shoujo manga also, such as “Ore Monogatari”. I hope I could do some collaboration with another mangaka later.

Is there any mangaka you adore?
Of course my shishou (teacher,-red) Kazuki Takahashi-Sensei. He taught me a lot about manga and card game.

So, Itou-Sensei also play Vanguard? Which deck is your fave?
Yeah I’m playing Vanguard. I like to use 10th trial deck Purgatory Revenger “Shadow Paladin” which used by Ren Suzugamori in 3rd season. But I never win a game at all! The opponents always the stronger one, than me! Sad truth (laugh)

Do you play another card game?
Beside Yu-Gi-Oh and Vanguard, I used to play “Magic the Gathering” but lately I’m very busy so I seldom playing card game.

Since you’re very busy, seems you don’t always come to Vanguard related event?
I often invited to card battle or seiyuu event, or anime screening but unfortunately I couldn’t manage to visit them all one by one. If I have time surely I come to the event. Glad to come today!

Do you ever made a doujinshi beside manga?
Around twenty years ago, yes.. I’ve made some doujinshi(s). I ever made Sailor Moon doujinshi back there LOL. But since now I’m quite busy with manga, I don’t have time to make doujinshi anymore.

Is there any interesting moment when you attended sign-kai or fanmeeting?
Everytime I sign on my manga, I usually ask who is the most fave character then draw it. I thought it will be Aichi Sendou or Toshiki Kai, but in Japan the most fave chara is Taishi Miwa.

Please give us message to card game fans and Vanguard fans who cannot come today.
Hello everyone! I’m Akira Itou mangaka of Vanguard! Glad to see you all know Vanguard and thank you for keep playing the card game. I hope you enjoy the game and don’t forget to manage your time on playing! Don’t playing too much!

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Special thanks to Chara Expo 2015 Committee and Bushiroad South East Asia

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