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LUNATIC FEST. – 25 Years of Band and 2 Days of History – DAY 2 [28 June 2015]

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LUNATIC FEST. – 25 Years of Band and 2 Days of History – DAY 2 [28 June 2015]

It was a bright sky covering the whole event since morning. I think the brightness that day was the effect of the first day’s rain and cloudy sky (laugh).

DAY 2 – 28 June 2015


On the second day,LUNACY opened the festival when the gate was opened. Darker image was shown and “FATE” was started to flow through the soaring sky. “SUSPICIOUS” and “SHADE” matched the dark on every corner on the stage. The mystery lingering in the air left fans looking forward to what else might happen that day.

Ling-Toshite-Shigure_1 ok

凛 と し て 時 雨 performed some of their songs like “I was music”, “FLIGHT DISCO” and “感 覚 UFO”. It was a lively and intense performance that makes anyone partying early!


ROTTENGRAFFTY brought all the hype in every corner of the stage to a rock concert ambience. Fans were headbanging and dancing to the rhythm of their songs like “DANCE” and “金色 グ ラ フ テ ィ ー”, which are two of the biggest hits of the band. That time, LUNA SEA J was also called on stage to join in “THIS WORLD”.

minus_1 ok

Before MINUS (-) appeared onstage, there was a different beat playing which made it clear of who would be the next attraction of the festival. Their performance mixed rock and theater surprised the fans. They played songs like “PEEP SHOW”, “No 5” and “B612 (ver.0)”.

AION_3 ok

AION took the stage like an explosion with a heavy performance and brought nothing but nostalgia and excitement to fans. As audience, I am utterly awed watching the new rendition of their old songs. “SKY” came with a powerful guitar and successfully made everyone explode in energy, not to mention the powerful voice from NOV!

KAFKA_3 ok

KA.F.KA presented an eccentric performance that day. Fans looked so happy when they played their familiar numbers like “The Prisoner” and “Last Shadow”. During their performance, SUGIZO of LUNA SEA was called to the stage to present “Transmission” of JOY DIVISION.

MUCC_1 ok

MUCC appeared next and they opened their stage with “睡蓮”, one of their most new songs. An electronic rhythm contagiously influenced fans who jumped and clapped along the performance. They also surprise the fans when they played “蘭 鋳”. Fans also had the chance to hear their other famous songs like “D • f • D” and “ENDER ENDER”.

Alexandros_7 ok

Energetic is the word to describe [Alexandros] performance at the festival. Shaking everyone with songs like “Stimulator”, “Famous Day” and “ワ タ リ ド リ” did heat up fans, who don’t seem tired by over 3-hour-festival.

GLAY_1 ok

GLAY successfully created a huge uproar at Makuhari hall. It felt like fans were really looking forward for the most popular bands in Japan during this festival. A strong and lively performance thrilled fans of all ages who had the chance to listen to “HEAVY GAUGE “,” 微 熱 Ⓐgirl サ マ ー “and” 月 に 祈 る, “one of the influential songs by LUNA SEA years ago. Fans were also spoiled with the band’s new song “HEROES” and also “SHADE”, a song from LUNA SEA’s first album! Many fans said they were happy and it’s beyond expectation that the band would play such famous songs.


D’ERLANGER came next. “SADISTIC EMOTION” opened their show. It was intense and different from D’ERLANGER. Enthusiastic fans fluttered every song they played. The excitement did not seem to disappear for even a minute, not even during calmer melodies. Excited fans fluttered when INORAN was called to the stage to present “LA VIE EN ROSE” with the D’ERLANGER.


BUCK-TICK brought songs like “独 壇 場 Beauty”, “メ ラ ン コ リ ア -ELECTRIA-” and “ONCE UPON A TIME” on stage. A remarkable performance from them made fans fluttered and enjoying their whole show. They brought nostalgic music that fans were dancing too throughout the whole show. When “Iconoclasm” began, J from LUNA SEA was called on stage to further enhance the nostalgic and energetic performance from BUCK TICK, which was one of the last bands to play that day.



LUNA SEA ended the two-day-festival in style. Lights, explosions and a remarkable performance began with “Anthem of Light”. INORAN and SUGIZO’s guitar cut all the place and made the fans go crazy with “TONIGHT”, “DESIRE” and “TRUE BLUE”. Even RYUICHI was on stage with his dance and a powerful voice making everyone more energetic. Adrenaline ran through all the audience who were present. Nostalgic moment was pounded and no one wanted that day was over, especially when “FACE TO FACE” and “Providence” were played. SUGIZO brought his violin to make it even more incredible. “I for you” was played in front of 30,000 fans that day. The crowd was even more remarkable when ‘ROCKET DIVE’ made everyone sing together for a tribute to hide.





“Metamorphosis” was leading the end of that day and yet the fans sang “TIME IS DEAD” with incredible energy! And it seemed a gift to all when ‘ROSIER’ was played. During the encore, everyone sang together in “BELIEVE”. It was like a dream; an intense memory was made in everyone’s heart inside the festival.



With a last wish RYUICHI made the famous “LALALA”, from ‘WISH’, echoed throughout the MAKUHARI. A chilling and remarkable end made every fan happy who went to the 25 years anniversary festival from LUNA SEA, a band that marked generations in Japan and still attracts new fans every day.

Special thanks to Mr. Takeshi Asai, LUNA SEA INC. and INDIVISUAL INC.

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