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It’s been a long wait for FLOW to finally come to AFAID. Last year Kojacon Report managed to interview them when they visited Singapore for AFASG but this year gladly they made a stop to Indonesia. It’s always been a fun and relaxing interview with them and this time since the interview was done on the day after the show, we can ask about their feelings towards Indonesian audience.


Kojacon : Hello FLOW! It’s been a year. Thank you for fulfilling the promise back then in AFA Singapore to come and visit Indonesia. Welcome to Jakarta! So, how was your first concert in Indonesia last night?

Keigo: Thank you for your warm welcome! It was amazing! I’m actually quite surprised that everyone could sing our song very well! It’s the best moment!! Also, you know, before the concert, there was a sign-kai (autograph signing event) and what a surprise! A lot of people came and brought our CDs. They all seemed very excited, so our tension rose up and all of us here were excited too. We were very happy to meet them all!

Take:  We finally come again to South East Asia.. What to say? I love Indonesia! The audience here are really cool! It was really late when we performed last night but all the audience were still in high tension when we rocked on the stage! Thank you very much for having fun with us last night!

Kojacon : Say, do you guys have any special preparation for overseas live? Is it different than the Japanese live?

Keigo: Hmmmm… it is language for sure. I usually learn some new words from the country we perform at. It is very useful to engage ourselves with the audience if we can speak their local language.  Last night I talked some sentences in Bahasa Indonesia, too! It’s tough since I should remember a lot of foreign languages lol. I take notes, ask someone to help me with the pronunciation, read a book and listen to recorded lesson.

Take: To be honest, at this time I think we’re improving! Previously we just read the text from the monitor, but last night we already learned and remembered well some Bahasa Indonesia words so we didn’t use the text monitor anymore.

Kojacon : That’s great! Hope you don’t forget it easily too. By the way, congratulations for your success in FLOW World Tour 2015. Can you tell us a bit about the world tour?

Keigo: Thank you so much! Actually each country carved different  memory in our heart and all of them are very memorable, especially in Latin America.

Kojacon : So, which one is the most memorable one?

Keigo: It would be Brazil for me. It was our third time to hold a live in Brazil and the audience is getting crazier and crazier by the time we performed there. It was even hyper then the previous one. Our latest Brazil’s concert was in Sao Paolo, and more people came to the venue, too. It made us even happier.

Take: But I think audience in South East Asia are also very cool! We performed in Singapore, Malaysia, and last night, Indonesia, and we can feel almost the same energy. We’re very happy to meet our fans here! I hope we can include South East Asia in FLOW’s next World Tour concert!

Kojacon : Let’s hope for the best. There will be so many fans in South East Asia waiting for you. Since this is your first time coming to Indonesia, is there any specific things you wanna do? Or have you done something interesting here?

Take: I ate nasi goreng! It’s very delicious! I wanna eat more nasi goreng (fried rice)! Everytime I put nasi goreng on my plate I can’t stop. Is it addictive? lol
Keigo: Actually we traveled back and forth from hotel and venue only, so we didn’t have much time to go anywhere in Jakarta. How about you suggest us somewhere cool? Like Jakarta’s icon?

Kojacon : If it’s Jakarta’s icon then it would be Monas. It’s our historical monument in the middle of the city. You can go there for a while and take picture before going back to Japan.

Keigo : Ah Monas, noted! ***

Koshi: I wanna try Indonesian massage! Many people recommend me to try Indonesian massage. I want to know the difference between massage in Japan and Indonesia. Beside that, I think nasi goreng is extremely cool lol It is so delicious! lol

Kojacon : Ah all of you are in love with nasi goreng lol. Our last question will be about the participation of Gran Rodeo in FLOW Final Tour in Tokyo last month. Is it foreshadowing that you will actually collaborate with Gran Rodeo again in near future?

Keigo: Wow, you’re well informed hahaha…. yeah, they came to our concert! We sang our song “Seven” together with Kishou-san and Izuka-san. We definitely want to collaborate not only with them again, but also with other Anisong artists! Just wait for it.

Take: We really hope that we could make an overseas concert with Gran Rodeo, but it seems impossible since one of Gran Rodeo’s members doesn’t want to take an airplane to go lol

Kojacon : I’ve heard about it lol Anyway, thank you FLOW for having us in a very short time. May this year’s success lead to a greater achievement in the years to come. Good luck.

*** A few hours later, FLOW really went to Monas and took pictures with Monas as the background. Thank you for coming to Jakarta, FLOW. We hope to see you soon!


Pic Source: www.facebook.com/FLOWofficial.music

Special Thanks to Amuse Indonesia


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