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[INTERVIEW] LOKA : We Have Dramatically Changed

karina March 29, 2016 Featured Content, Interview, Off-Stage Reports 1,306 views
[INTERVIEW] LOKA : We Have Dramatically Changed

As we reported before, LOKA is going to release their new album “EVO:ERA” on April 6, 2016. To commemorate the new release, last week on March 21, 2016 they hold “New Album EVO : ERA Release Event” at Shimokitazawa GARDEN. This release event was streamed live so that fans outside Japan can join.

Before the release date of “EVO:ERA”, Kojacon had a chance to interview LOKA. Without further ado, let’s check out our interview with them below!


Kojacon : Can you tell us more about your upcoming album “EVO:ERA”? What makes it different with LOKA’s previous album?
LOKA : As you all can feel from the title of the album, the theme is “EVOLUTION”. A lot of artist say “we tried new things”, but we say “we have dramatically changed”. It’s not just about the sound we are evolving, it’s everything about LOKA evolving. So, we hope people can listen and feel that from the new album.

Kojacon : What kind of message you want to deliver to your fans with your music in ”EVO:ERA”?
LOKA : Each song has its various messages. The message of the album itself is “evolve”, since we feel its time for the band to go to the next level. We plan to express that through are tour, performance, and everything that relates with LOKA. The band actually had to evolve during the process of making this album. We each wrote 50~100 songs, we each had to “evolve” our musical knowledge to bring the album to the next step. Hope that message from the album is delivered to the ones who get it.

Kojacon : Each of you please choose one song that you recommend to listen in “EVO:ERA”?

Kojacon : Your 2nd album “QUATTRO” was released in Europe, is there any plan that this album will be released in Europe too?
LOKA : That is what we are hoping for! We are working are way to do another tour in EU 🙂

Kojacon : In live, you see the actual reaction from fans about your song. What do you remember the most about the fans in live?
LOKA : The song “EDEN” from our previous album “QUATTRO” would be a song for that. During this song, in EU we had fans create a dance move, in Japan the fans will make a huge circle with shoulder to shoulder then spin and dance along the song every time! We feel that each of our songs are helping the band and the fans to create “the one and only” way to enjoy the LOKA show.

Kojacon : What is your target with the band within this year? And what is LOKA’s goal in 5 years?
LOKA : One of our goal is our one-man show at TSUTAYA O-WEST in Shibuya on June 8th. We are working are ways to follow with a international tour and some festivals. Within 5 years, we plan to be a band that can do a World Wide Major Tour, the road never stops, we want more and more people to join the LOKA world.

Kojacon : What is your current interest?
LOKA : The band is seeking a way to grade up the entertainment of our shows. Not just the sound but visually and emotionally. So currently all of our mind is set to stage creativity, and each of our in the phase of thinking that artwork.

Kojacon : If you have to choose, which anime character would you identify yourself with the most and why?
kihiro : Jotaro Kujo from JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure, he’s the leader, and I really connect with him how “he has to take of the crew” lol.
KEN’ICHI : Kaede Rukawa from SLAM-DUNK & Sasuke from Naruto, just because these two are the most that people say I look alike…lol.
SIN : Shu from HOKUTO NO KEN & Blono Buccellati. Not that I look like them but I ideal them as a human being and like their character very much.
Miro : Uta from Tokyo Ghoul, I connect with him how he’s always on his pace, cool and peaceful but stands out visually.

Kojacon : Please give message to yourself in the next 10 years!
LOKA : How’s the music equipment like there?

Track List
Price : ¥2000 plus tax.
Pre order : CD JAPAN

Special thanks to : Erie Morino, LOKA and Cross the Limit, Inc.

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