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Tsukiuta Concept Shop “TSUKIUTAYA” in Takeshita Doori – Harajuku

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Tsukiuta Concept Shop “TSUKIUTAYA” in Takeshita Doori – Harajuku

“Tsukiuta” is a series of CDs released for each month under Tsukino Talent Production since December 2012 and keep counting until now. Each CD features female and male seiyuu, acting out specific roles/characters in collaboration with one Vocaloid producer. It contains an original song, rearranged song, and mini-drama. The names of the characters and the themes of the CD are also based on the month it is released. For every month in the year, there are two representatives, one male and one female, accompanied with an assigned Vocaloid producer. The characters are further divided into four different units: two all-male units, and two all-female units. It should be noted that the male and female representatives are exist in two different dimensions, but do interact often. Let’s get closer to Tsukiuta members!

Six Gravity (December – May)
In a certain place of present-day Japan’s Tokyo Metropolitan area 23 ward, live these characters. These characters, who have different ages, living areas, and environments, were scouted by TSUKINO public entertainment production’s producer after being led by the gigantic black rabbit, Kuroda. They’ve debuted as the idol unit “Six Gravity” and are currently doing well in sales! Six Gravity’s manager is Kanade Tsukishiro.
December: Yuuki Kaji as Kakeru Shiwasu (vocaloid producer: Satsuki ga Tenkomori)
January: Kousuke Toriumi as Hajime Mutsuki (vocaloid producer: Machigerita)
February: Toshiki Masuda as Koi Kisaragi (vocaloid producer: Nijihara Peperon)
March: Tomoaki Maeno as Haru Yayoi (vocaloid producer: Yuuyu)
April: Yoshimasa Hosoya as Arata Uzuki (vocaloid producer: ChouchoP)
May: KENN as Aoi Satsuki (vocaloid producer: Nem)

six gravity

Procellarum (June – November)
In present-day Japan, these characters that come from western Japan meet through various connections in Tokyo. Likewise, they were scouted by TSUKINO public entertainment production’s producer and have debuted as Six Gravity’s sibling rival unit, “Procellarum.” Paired with Six Gravity, every member of Procellarum also has individuality! While living in a dorm in Tokyo and traveling a long distance from their homes in Kansai, they are working on both their studies and idol activities. Together with Six Gravity, please support them!
June: Shouta Aoi as Rui Minazuki (vocaloid producer: Yuyoyuppe)
July: Wataru Hatano as Kai Fuzuki (vocaloid producer: Hitoshizuku×Yama△)
August: Tetsuya Kakihara as You Hazuki (vocaloid producer: UtataP)
September: Takashi Kondo as Yoru Nagatsuki (vocaloid producer: John)
October: Kenshou Ono as Iku Kannazuki (vocaloid producer: takamatt)
November: Ryouhei Kimura as Shun Shimotsuki (vocaloid producer: Kikuo)


Flunas (December – May)
Unlike the male version which is set in modern Japan, the female version is set on another world. The women of this world are known by many on Earth as “goddesses.” The six characters (representing December to May) are students at a school that gathers talented individuals striving to become goddesses.
December: Hisako Kanemoto as Kurisu Hijiri (vocaloid producer: Satsuki ga Tenkomori)
January: Asami Imai as Yuki Hanazono (vocaloid producer: Machigerita)
February: MAKO as Ai Kisaragi (vocaloid producer: Nijihara Peperon)
March: Rumi Ookubo as Hina Momosaki (vocaloid producer: Yuuyu)
April: Ai Nonaka as Chisa Togawa (vocaloid producer: ChouchoP)
May: Yumi Uchiyama as Wakaba Yuki (vocaloid producer: Nem)


Seleas (June – November)
The people of this world live in a separate dimension from people of Earth. However, they manage and guide the spiritual energy of Earth people, thus converting it into life energy and maintaining a relationship of co-existence and co-prosperity between the two worlds. Seleas is one of the all female Student Goddesses group, consisting of June to November. They are an alternate reality version to their male counterparts.
June: Rina Satou as Yuno Terase (vocaloid producer: Yuyoyuppe)
July: Shizuka Ishigami as Mizuki Himekawa ( vocaloid producer: Hitoshizuku×Yama△)
August: Yuuka Ootsubo as Matsuri Motomiya (vocaloid producer: UtataP)
September: Kaori Fukuhara as Akane Asagiri (vocaloid producer: John)
October: Tomoyo Kurosawa as Reina Ichisaki (vocaloid producer: takamatt)
November: Sumire Uesaka as Tsubaki Tendouin (vocaloid producer: Kikuo)


Tsukiutaya is a Tsukiuta limited concept shop that located at Jingumae – Shibuya, near Harajuku station. It divided into two section, 1st floor where you can buy shop limited edition merchandise, called “Tsukiutaya” section, and 2nd floor is a coffee shop called “Tsukino Tei” section where you can buy some tea packed in cute teabag and some cookies while Tsukiuta members are assisting you! In front of the shop, you will see a kitchen car where you can take a break and have a cup of tea and snack with seasonal flavor.

Tsukiutaya only sold merchandise of Tsukiuta’s male member. But, they will give you a bromide of Tsukiuta’s female member in their birthday until a week later. Not only shop limited edition merchandise, they also give us some shop only bonus for some purchased goods like illustration card, shopping bag, and illustration coaster.

List of  Tsukiutaya Official Merchandise as following. Smart phone casing, totebag, pouch, character badge (original & chibi illustration), 3D Mug, masking tape, neck strap, tsukiusa mascot, acrylic key holder, jumbo cushion, cookies box, candy can, pen & pencil. Beside this limited goods, you can also buy previous merchandise which sold in movic online or animate, such as tsukiusa (Tsukiuta no usa, cute rabit doll as representative of Tsukiuta member). What a great chance for Tsukiuta fans! Not only regular merchandise, you can try your luck by joining omikuji Kurotsuki Version there. Try to get tapestry, long cushion, acrylic key holder, rubber strap, or message sheet from this kuji. Good luck!



Just feel the shop atmosphere by viewing these photos!
Don’t forget to stop by if you’re wandering around Harajuku!
See you there!

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Tsukiuta Official Website
Tsukiutaya Official Website

All Tsukiutaya photos taken by: Riani Yulihana

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