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SuG Countdown Live [30th December 2016]

karina January 25, 2017 Featured Content, Live Report, On-Stage Reports 2,013 views
SuG Countdown Live [30th December 2016]

The day of the final battle finally arrived, and on December 30, the TOYOSU PIT trembled with the final fight between the two sides of the SuG.

A fierce score, a point of difference between each group and everything would be decided that night!

GOKUAKO SuG came on stage in their usual style, calling the fans’ dark style and their latest songs started that night! KILL KILL, FLY WYVERNS and BLOODY MARY, songs from SHUDDUP’s mini-album boosted fans to jump and hit their heads, shaking that night to their fullest. The voices of the fans soon echoed throughout the hall as sweeToxicended and the judge came on the stage to measure the decibels of everyone’s voices. A suspense was in the air, because the result would only be show at the end, but that did not stop fans from enjoying songs like UMBILICAL and Pimp my Cars, which threw the energy up again before an incredible surprise.


The stage was all dark and in the background video GOKUSAI SuG appeared doing an instrumental solo while GOKUAKO SuG only made gestures making it clear that was nothing. When GOKUAKO SuG’s turn came, the members went to the front of the stage and did a heavier solo that make everyone in the hall scream. An incredible and unexpected session that made everyone even more excited.

SCREAM IT LOUDER came to make everyone scream louder, jump, shake their heads. TOYOSU PIT tremble with everyone’s voice with SuG at that moment that went on with ZIG ZAG and heavy + electro + dance + punk. However,HELL YEAH threw it all up! Headbangs, shouts, jumps, it was a moment that all the fans present gave all their energy to the members of GOKUAKO SuG, who left the stage with the screaming of “HELL YEAH!” From their fans.

Now? GOKUSAI SuG will be able to beat that energy that GOKUAKO SuG left in the air?A brief pause left all the fans standing in their places, a video with interviews of the members, moments of the past tour, was shown and amused all. Even in the interview, members of GOKUAKO SuG made it clear that they did not like GOKUSAI SuG.


Ready for the ROUND FINAL?

GOKUSAI SuG showed that theyare not afraid of their opponent. They entered passing in the middle of fans in the greatest champion style entering in the fight ring! Acclaimed by the fans, GOKUSAI SuG, did not disappoint when SICK’S opened the show! Obviously, on lastFriday of the year would not be complete withoutFRIDAY !! Which raised everyone’s energy that seemed never end! Not even when Fast Food Hunters and CRY OUT came! While SAKURA-AME and teenAge Dream compose the emotion part of the show.

Like GOKUAKO SUG, a battle session between the bands has started and GOKUSAI SuG showed to their opponents how to do it! Shaking the stage with their fans who could not hold all the feelings when Vi-Vi-Vi started! An old song that was receive with joy by the fans. CHIYU soon asked everyone to take their towels and everyone knew what that meant, MUGEN STYLES! With the entire band next to the fans singing, screaming, spinning their towels, the energy went to the roof together with each towel thrown up! Animation from all TOYOSU PIT that did not stop any second! Shanghai Honey came to not let anyone standing, not even the band! Koakuma Sparkling closed the night of GOKUSAI SuG who seemed pleased with the energy they got from their fans in a last shout!

A video showed every score of every show on this incredible SuG TOUR, including the score of that night and by a very small difference, the winners were….




Which could play another song on the stage! B.A.B.Y was receive with screams from the animated fans who soon asked for an encore. GOKUSAI SuG seemed shy for a few minutes, but with theirfans screaming is impossible to say no!gr8 story made everyone happy with an incredible end!

WAIT! It was not over yet! To the surprise all,SuG returned to the stage and with words that touched everyone’s heart, TAKERU announced that the show could be recorded starting from that moment and ask for everyone to record with their phones and publish it! An incredible moment, SuG, announcedthey will challenge NIPPON BUDOKKAN this year!

With a beautiful moment like that, Smells Like Virgin Spirit, finally ended that incredible night.

SuG celebrates 10 years on 2017 and a project is all planned for this incredible year to come!

Starting with a BEST ALBUM that will be released on March 8th!

A show with songs from the beginning of SuG’s career! The “SuGの日 FROM PSC” happens on March 9th in the EBISU LIQUIDROOM in TOKYO!

A tour called “39 ADDICT LIVE chapter1 BEST TOUR” that starts in Nagano on March 11!

There is still more to be announce! But the band celebrates their 10 year anniversary at NIPPON BUDOKKAN! A show that no SuG fan should miss!



  1. 01. KILL KILL
  2. 02. FLY WYVERNS
  3. 03. BLOODY MARY
  4. 04. sweeToxic


  2. 06. Pimp My Cars
  5. 08. ZIG ZAG
  6. 09. heavy+electro+dance+punk
  7. 10. HELL YEAH


  1. SICK’S
  2. FRIDAY!!
  4. CRY OUT


  1. Sakura-ame
  2. teenAge dream


  1. Vi-Vi-Vi
  2. Mugen Styles
  3. Shanghai Honey
  4. Koakuma Sparkling


  1. 11. B.A.B.Y
  2. 12. gr8 story
  3. 13. Smells Like Virgin Spirit

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