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Adestya Ayu June 7, 2017 On-Stage Reports 1,179 views


As part of their national tour, I’m surprised that RADWIMPS actually visited Singapore for the second time and that the VIP tickets were sold out in instant can’t hide my excitement how good this concert would be. This is my second RADWIMPS’ gig in Singapore so I can’t wait to see how big their fan base in Asia is actually growing since it has been three years from their last visit to Singapore in 2014. In Indonesia, RADWIMPS is getting known because of the animation movie Kimi no Na wa (Your Name), which is the highest-grossing Japanese film in the world.  RADWIMPS was appointed to be the composer of the movie’s soundtrack and since then their band’s popularity has rocketed like never before. Rather than Japanese popular music, I personally think that Japanese anime still dominates the Indonesian market for popular culture, hence Anisong fanbases are quite big and strong in this country. I’ve known and listened RADWIMPS for several years and noone’s talking about them besides my inner circle, but right after Kimi no Na wa was aired in our local cinemas, hit songs like SPARKLE or Nandemoiya, were being reposted many times in my Facebook timeline by my anime-lover-friends.


When I went to their Singapore first gig in TAB, a music-driven bar-restaurant on Orchard Road, RADWIMPS has completely bewitched me with their music. That time, there are only around 200 fans from Southeast Asian countries flocked in a club which magically altered to a club house. Three years passed and with the help of Kimi no Na wa popularity, RADWIMPS successfully rocked Singapore’s newly launched live house, Zepp@BIGBOX, in front of 2000 fans!! Playing a two-hour gig, the band ran through 20 old and new hits (covering nine acclaimed studio albums), that made everyone mesmerized completely with the notes.

Even though this is the second time I came to their live, but they never fail to amaze me, it’s just the fact that their materials to show are such a mind blowing experience. They have an unbelievable range of music, from rock, hardcore, pop, rack to jazz with unique sound and vocal.


Last year, when it was announced that the drummer, Satoshi Yamaguchi was sick and cannot join RADWIMPS indefinitely, I was quite worried because I am a drum beat fanatic. However, RADWIMPS made me surprised once more by having two amazing drummers on stage. It was totally insane; my jaw dropped when I saw two drum sets on the sets. Mizuki Mori and Toshiki Hata played on stage together for the entire show, and as a drum beat lover I can’t believe that I have such experience in my life time. It was astonishingly satisfying for the whole two-hour gig. The show was lively, brimming with Noda’s onstage charisma, and star-struck fans whom I saw many were crying in tears of joy.


Along with their instrumentation and showmanship, they inserted some talks with the audience. I still remember that it was in 2014 during my interview with RADWIMPS that there would be some Indonesians too coming for their live and that they said they’re looking forward to come to Indonesia, too. Oddly, they still remember that and Noda said that he really wanted to come to Indonesia for this tour yet he was sorry that they still cannot come to Indonesia again this time around. I like how Noda can also crack jokes in English and other members were trying their best in using Mandarin. I can feel that they really made connection even closer to the fans on this short time span they had. I do hope that I don’t have to wait for another three years to watch their live again. And if you miss their live in Singapore, or their other shows, fortunately you can catch the glimpse of their HUMAN BLOOM TOUR in their DVD which will be released on October 18th!

The album content will be their show recorded at “Saitama Super Arena” held on April 30th and there will be two versions sold. Limited edition will include live album as well as photo book of the live scenes. Live album will be released both with CD and the with the music card which contains a serial number to DL.  Also don’t forget to check the trailer which is now on youtube!

◆「Human Bloom Tour 2017」Trailer

◆ 「Human Bloom Tour 2017」Singapore Setlist

1.    Lights Go Out

2.    Yume Tourou

3.    Zenzenzense


5.    05410-n

6.    Iron Bible

7.    Toremoro

8.    One Spring Day

9.    Bou Ningen

10.  Date 2

11.  Sparkle

12.  DADA

13.  Oshakashama

14.  Masumaru

15.  Kimi to Hitsuji to Ao

16.  Sennou

17.  Yuushinron


18.  Weekly Shounen Jump

19.  Nandemonaiya

20.  Iin desu ka?


Thanks to SOZO ltd.

Photography by Aloysius Lim and Alvin Ho.   

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