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Mrs. GREEN APPLE to release WanteD! WanteD!

Adestya Ayu August 8, 2017 Releases, Single Release 1,627 views
Mrs. GREEN APPLE to release WanteD! WanteD!

Written as WanteD! WanteD!, Mrs. GREEN APPLE is going to release their fifth major single on August 30.

Check the short version pv here:

Running fast like express train, I’d say Mrs. GREEN APPLE has become incredibly big in short span. This year, Mrs. GREEN APPLE plays in various festivals across Japan. Yet they work on their homework at their best, as they can mix rock, EDM, fun pop, well-tuned falsetto of Omori, the vocalist. I’d say they’re the loud and fun version of Sekai no Owari.  Nothing is too loud or too soft, every thing is just perfectly balanced, no odd sparks on the corner of their notes, and they just perform energetically just like the youth should do, running ahead to catch the dreams (and their dream is to appear in Kouhaku).

I’ve been extremely attentive with this band since early this year as their album titled Mrs. GREEN APPLE really caught my ear. Defining an earworm, I’d say their music really is.

Mrs. GREEN APPLE is a five-piece band debuted in 2013 and working their music up until they finally announced that they would debut from a major label in 2015.  Their first single in 2015, “Speaking” was chosen as the soundtrack the ending credits of the anime series Yu-Gi-Oh! Arc V. They’ve grown in popularity since, and seem poised to only get bigger with their forthcoming. I’m planning to go watch their live soon, hope I can get the ticket though!

If you’re in Japan and want to check their music, do come on one of these shows. They’ll perform here!

2017.08.12 LIVE
rockin’on presents ROCK IN JAPAN FESTIVAL 2017

2017.08.14 LIVE
僕たちがやりました presents 真夏の僕やりNIGHT~“そこそこ”じゃ終わらない、夏~

2017.08.19 LIVE

2017.08.26 LIVE

2017.08.27 LIVE

2017.08.29 LIVE
フジテレビ「お台場みんなの夢大陸2017 めざましライブ」

2017.09.02 LIVE

2017.10.01 LIVE

2017.10.20 LIVE

2017.10.20 LIVE


Source: mrsgreenapple.com

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