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Do As Infinity 1st Live in Singapore [23 September 2017]

Adestya Ayu September 25, 2017 Live Report, On-Stage Reports 1,618 views
Do As Infinity 1st Live in Singapore [23 September 2017]
Along with all female Japanese pop stars top list, Tomiko Van (Van-chan) is one of Japanese brilliant singers. From the moment Do As Infinity hit the stage in Capitol Theater, it was clear that Van-chan is the sole attraction on stage. She greeted the screaming fans, hands raised waving trying to send her sincere heartfelt before started to sing their latest single Alive.
Van-chan and Ryo-san carefully took the stage Saturday night at Capitol Hall, and managed to bring the house down with their nostalgic songs, such as Boukenshatachi and Desire.


Van-chan did the first MC with a greeting. She mentioned a heartfelt message full of gratitude about being able to perform in front of a thousand of Singaporean audience.
The gig was continued with the band played their popular songs such as Week!, Oasis, and Rakuen. While Van-chan dazed the fans with her beautiful voice, Ryo acted as the calming guitarist, supporting Van-chan throughout the show with nostalgic melody. He bounced around the stage between other band members, and greeted the audience on the second MC humorously. He brought laughter as he tried to speak in English all the time. Van-chan then introduced the band members following them for the concert.
Hi no Ataru Sakamichi, Chikai (BGM of Sengoku Basara Chronicle Heroes) and TAO (Opening Theme of Tales of Legendia) were played after. The dazzling lights kept even the furthest fans close to the action. The entire room is lit up with all colors of light on stage; it’s loud with pop music and immersive. To be there with an iconic duo band is already quite an experience. As expected, the majority of the set drew from the old released singles and albums, but be glad that they also performed songs from their most iconic songs of all time from original soundtrack of anime Inuyasha and drama series Nisennen no Koi like Shinjitsu no Uta, Fukai Mori, and Yesterday and Today.
During the longer period of the MC, Ryo-san told a story about Singapore’s extreme weather. He told the audience about how he went out in the morning but the weather suddenly went bad and he was trapped in a heavy rain when he just walked around the hotel.
Van-chan prepared the guitar and we know that she’ll perform her favorite song, Tooku Made. Van-chan’s voice provided the perfect amount of serene and passionate melody. Now we can understand how passionate she is about the song, carving out the perfect amount of twisted subtlety.
But that’s to be expected from Do As Infinity at this point, is it not?
For decades, the band has made its trademark to be spectacular, having set the watermark for every live act years and years ago with memorable songs that can be enjoyed by many people in all ages.
Van-chan then sang Mysterious Magic (Opening Theme of Fairy Tail) and Ariadne no Ito before announcing that they will end the live with two more songs which one is from the latest soundtrack of Inuyasha: The Final Act, Kimi ga Inai Mirai, and of course Ryo’s favorite choice; Honjitsu wa Seiten Nari.
Songs from their peak periods should be a refreshing notion for all fans of Do As Infinity who have patiently wait for their come back. It was clear that the fans came close to matching their passion and intensity of their musical performance that night. All that love and adoration rang through for Do As Infinity as Van-chan smiled and said that she is now grateful to have the confidence to do live abroad.
And, like any good showman, Do As Infinity’s played two more songs for the encore. Hiiragi were echoing throughout the hall. Raising her voice high, she played out Summer Days and the hall erupted.
It was a beautiful serenade as everyone knew the song and sang together with the band. To come to the very first live of Do As Infinity concert abroad was an exceptional experience. We hope to welcome them again soon in Singapore.

Full Setlist
Do As Infinity 1st Live in Singapore

1. Alive
2. Boukenshatachi
3. Desire
4. Week
5. Oasis
6. Rakuen
7. Hi no Ataru Sakamichi
8. Chikai
9. TAO
10. Shinjitsu no Uta
11. Fukai Mori
12. Yesterday and Today
13. Tooku Made
14. Mysterious Magic
15. Ariadne no Ito
16. Kimi ga Inai Mirai
17. Honjitsu wa Seiten Nari

18. Hiiragi
19. Summer Days



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Avex Asia pte. ltd.

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