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Uta no Prince Sama♪ MAJI LOVE LIVE 6th STAGE in Saitama (Second Day)

anniz September 26, 2017 Featured Content, Live Report, On-Stage Reports 5,266 views
Uta no Prince Sama♪ MAJI LOVE LIVE 6th STAGE in Saitama (Second Day)

Long time no see, Princess! You must have known about Utapuri Maji Love 6th Stage which held on May 27-28, 2017 at Seibu Prince Dome, Saitama. Kojacon Team is very happy to share the report regarding this 4 hours live! Though we only watched second day live, there’s still the same excitement to spread! First of all, let’s greet our princes one by one!


Takuma Terashima as Otoya Ittoki

Kenichi Suzumura as Masato Hijirikawa

Kishou Taniyama as Natsuki Shinomiya

Mamoru Miyano as Tokiya Ichinose

Junichi Suwabe as Ren Jinguji

Hiro Shimono as Syo Kurusu

Kousuke Toriumi as Cecil Aijima



Shoutarou Morikubo as Reiji Kotobuki

Tatsuhisa Suzuki as Ranmaru Kurosaki

Shouta Aoi as Ai Mikaze

Tomoaki Maeno as Camus



Hikaru Midorikawa as Eiichi Ottori

Daisuke Ono as Kira Sumeragi

Tsubasa Yonaga as Nagi Mikado

Yuuma Uchida as Eiji Ottori

Hidenori Takahashi as Van Kiryuuin

Ryouhei Kimura as Yamato Hyuuga

Daiki Yamashita as Shion Amakusa



Started by one fave scene from Utapuri anime was showing on screen, big balloon was popping out and all ST☆RISH members suddenly appeared on the middle of the arena! First song was “Maji LOVE Legend Star” which quickly bursted up our tension. Not giving any time to breath, dazzling light was brightly shine on center of main stage before QUARTET NIGHT, which just finished their first live on March, were breaking out the light and sang second song, “QUARTET★NIGHT”. Following 3rd song was opening of Utapuri anime “Tempest” by Mamoru Miyano. He was singing beautifully under the dramatic rain effect.

Three songs as first opening wasn’t enough. Let’s begin our exclusive part with new singles from QUARTET NIGHT, which just released on this same month. “KILLER KISS” and “Haruhana” sung continuously by Reiji and Camus, following by Ranmaru and Ai. After duet songs, here they come for solo time. Camus started the session with afternoon tea theme on stage and sang “Melting of Snow” elegantly, our cheerful Reiji continued with “On Your Mark!” that made audience were swaying happily. Next turn for Ranmaru with his heavy ballad song “Be Proud”, and last but not least was Ai and his frilly-butt-dance “Synchronism” was succeed to cause sudden scream lol.

This part was closed by performance of Shining Agency Special Unit, Otoya, Natsuki, Ren, Syo, Reiji, Ranmaru sang “Day Dream” and Masato Tokiya Cecil Ai Camus sang “Night Dream”. We had our break time watching shining dancer introduction before jumped up to the following part. What would that be?

Moved to ST☆RISH solo corner for second part, each member would present their solo part on duel single(s) CD. They begun with “Be the Light” by Tokiya. But instead of Tokiya, Hayato was standing on stage! He greeted everyone at Dome, OHHAYAHHO~~~. Next song was “Hatsukoi wo Mata Hajimeyou” by Syo, he popped out in the middle of the audience with pink towel turning around in his left hand. Following Natsuki came with his acoustic team and sang “Tears In Love” that also created shade of tears to everyone. Coming up next was Ren with balance board (we’re not sure whether it was the original Segway, like he said, or not lol) flirted while singing “Give Me True Love”. Apparently there was a boy held black cat on his bare hand, when suddenly dusty smoke was covering the cute black cat and changed it into Cecil who sang “Kanbinaru Arcadia”. Then we had Masato appearance “I Swear” and this time accompanied with small lined up fountains along the stage, so pretty right! Solo part closed surprisingly by Otoya sang “Brilliant Days” together with a lot of cute children dancer with sunflower on their hand just like flash mob dance.

That’s all for opening! By the end of Otoya’s song, all ST☆RISH member showed up on stage. Tokiya shouted “Otoyaaaa~!” when he reached stage and Otoya straightly run towards to hug Tokiya. So sweet!! Shortly, QUARTET NIGHT members joined them up. After 18 songs had been sung, they finally introduced themselves lol. Since Saitama is hometown of Reiji, he greeted audience first from senpai’s part “Hi princess! Welcome to Saitama! Welcome to my hometown!” cutely. Last greeting was from Camus. As one of big fans of Lions (Baseball Team that home-based at Seibu Prince Dome) he started to act like pro-baseball commentator, and his unforgettable last word “nado to yakyuu no hanashi wo suru to omottaka gumindomo!!” just made fangirl audience bursted out to die happily. lol. As the team was complete now, they started to sing “Maji Love 1000%” together.. Eleven colors of penlight were waving up high combined with loud chants throughout the dome, before they left stage and faded out.

utapuri 2


utapuri 1

We could see on main stage 7 rainbow lifter was lifting up high and there is it! HE★VENS were standing up there and their leader, Eiichi greeted the audience “Please listen to our song!” before “HE★VENS GATE -Beginning of the Legend-” started. After one opening song from HE★VENS, they moved to member introduction and continued with MC talk. Next song from HE★VENS was “HE★VENLY Parade” that sung along while all member took rainbow cart and turn around the dome just like they were approaching us!

Next corner was what this 6th Stage is all about, ST☆RISH & HE★VENS Duet Project from the Anime Utapuri Legend Star! First performance, was just like the top batter shone by purple light, Tokiya and Eiji came up from the main stage and walked down to the middle stage, singing “Mighty Aura”. What a perfect combination! They were just perfect and sounds much more beautiful then anime version! Didn’t wait for a long break, Natsuki and Nagi appeared with yellowish effect from the left corner and right corner of stage to circled up from the outer ring and met up on the middle stage. Guess what? In the last chorus, they showed up their palm, written “Let’s” and “Shouting” to audience, just like what they did in anime version!! OMG.. Suddenly dome turned out to dimmed blue lighting before Masato and Kira were singing “Lasting Oneness” on diagonal crane expressed their divine ballad harmony. Orange shade was glowing up for next appearance by Ren and Van. How come they were moving along on cart at the second level of audience area while singing “Lovely Eyes” from both side?!  There were just half part of duet song but this is too much to endure yet lol. We were curious about two big hot air balloons tagged on the side of main stage, but unexpectedly the scenery was turning into greenish theme and those air balloon were moving! Yes, that was correct, Cecil and Shion were singing “Visible Elf” from the flying air balloon and they were so cute! Really cute! Almost done, Syo and Yamato came out to sing “Justice Impulse” like they would have a battle in pink light and pink laser surrounded them. After first chorus, they made sudden wire action and continue singing up high above the middle stage while flying away! And they really did the battle with some kicks and punches in the air just like the anime scene! Last duet song was “Next Door” from Otoya at the right wing and Eiichi at the left wing with red theme spread out through the dome. We can feel this intimidated song packed well within their voices, before finally they met each other in the front of middle stage and ended this duet project part emotionally.

If you watched Legend Star, you must had predicted this one. Moved to the last script from the anime, SSS battle was started all over again! First challenger was QUARTET NIGHT with their incredible song “God.s S.T.A.R”, successfully made the home ground shaking with their lightning stroke here and there. Following to next entry was HE★VENS with their dragonish blue fire attacked audiences’ heart by singing “Fumetsu no Inferno”. Last contestant was our one and only ST☆RISH with the great victory song “WE ARE ST☆RISH” which was very lovable in this precious moment. When you know that SSS batle is the last scene from Utapuri Legend Star Anime, you supposed to know that 3 songs was supposed to close this live concert today. Our princes were returning to backstage and the light was dimmed. Meanwhile all princess were shouting nonstop “Encore! Encore!”.








Until the came out again wearing Utapuri shirt (just shirt, without skirt attached like princess version, lol) for encore! Thanks a lot for showing up again! We still didn’t want to be strayed here at the dome. ST☆RISH with white shirt, QUARTET NIGHT with black shirt, and HE★VENS with navy blue shirt (included their rainbow hoodie towel) moved around the dome riding rainbow cart while singing “Yume wo Uta he to”! We actually didn’t know how to express this multiple feelings! They were so close to the audience! Break time was filled up by Masato, who transmitted from outer space like alien, announced some information for news corner. First of all, he said that this live will be released on Blu-Ray Disc and also DVD, don’t forget to get your pre-order! Next, he talked about new anime project “Uta no Prince Sama♪ The Movie” also will be released soon. So please wait for it!

It’s time for the ending! We know that’s the hardest time when we’re watching concert. We never like the ending part. Most emotional part was coming on stage, all prince will say their goodbye speech to all of you one by one. This moment was indeed, full of laugh and tears. Started backward from HE★VENS, QUARTET NIGHT, and ST☆RISH will be the last.

Shion: Shion who really love HE★VENS, could stand here now, I feel like I love HE★VENS and Utapuri more and more! Thank you for today!
Yamato: Thank you for letting us to stand here at the very wonderful stage, and thank you for well reception for HE★VENS!
Van: Utapuri is incredible! Thank you so much!
Eiji: Did we succesfully bring you all into the new world? If so, let’s meet again later!
Nagi: My anxiety was wrong, I’m afraid to be here at first, but all of you (then crying here) all of ST☆RISH and QUARTET NIGHT member gave us the warm welcome and that makes me relieved. Today was so fun! (then Yamato wiped his tears using the hoodie towel lol)
Kira: Well done HE★VENS, we’re great. (almost cry) Well done QUARTET NIGHT, you’re great. Well done ST☆RISH, you’re great. Utapuri saikou!
Eiichi: I tried my best, I tried to not ruining this moment, I tried to make good memories with Otoya, and I think I’ve tried my best to become good sempai here. (crying) (then Otoya came to hug Eiichi)

Camus: I hope we could face our character better and make a better works that you all will love it. from now on!
Ai: This faithful and warm feelings, together with you all, will not ended here. Please look forward for our movie project!
Ranmaru: I’ll pursue Ranmaru and also QUARTET NIGHT. I’ll aim for the higher!
Reiji: We know how it’s feel to be HE★VENS at this moment. We were just like them on the previous 3 live, we didn’t know whether we would be succeeded on stage or not, and so they are now. That’s why I feel like QUARTET NIGHT had moved a step ahead and will continue to aim higher together with you all!

Cecil: Great member, great staff, great princess, great live with your prince today, right?
Syo: I know, I understand how are you feeling, who love Utapuri the most, to come to our live today.
Ren: To ladies and gentlemen who gathered up today for having fun with us, thank for coming very early just to watch this live. Please keep supporting my lovely Utapuri and my cute Ren!
Tokiya: For make a wonderful performance, we need each other to cooperate and unbelievable, we did it. We will work harder and show you another spectacular show next time!
Natsuki: That’s good to be here again as Natsuki. (crying here) I promise I’ll meet you all again and I’ll bring along Satsuki together at that time! (smile here) why am I crying? lol
Masato: I’m so moved that finally I can stand on this stage of the very big dome. (laugh a lot) It’s like my “Dam” of dream just collapsed because it was coming true before i feel like to break that “Dam”!
Otoya: Thank for all of you, that we could be here today in front of you.

Now MC was taken from Masato to Otoya. “We know that our time is limited, we will not live forever. As long as you all here for us, we will continue to sing with all we have. Everyone, will you let us to sing again? We will definitely have this kind of live again, in the future, we promise you! We promise you!”. Audience replied his words by screaming “Promise us!” They spread to all corner of stage to sing the last song “Maji Love Legend Star” together, 18 princes! Finally they said goodbye with background music “Mirai, Yume, Arigatou, … Soshite!” instrumental version. They hugged each other and waving to the camera one by one crying and smiling repeatedly. See you next year, Princess!

utapuri 3



Full Setlist:

1. Maji LOVE Legend Star
3. Tempest
5. Haruhana
6. Melting of Snow
7. On Your Mark
9. Synchronism
10. Day Dream
11. Night Dream

-Shining Dancer-

12. Be the light!
13. Hatsu Koi wo Mata Hajimeyou
14. Tears in Love
15. Give Me True Love
16. Kanbinaru Arcadia
17. I Swear
18. Brilliant Days


19. Maji LOVE 1000%
20. HE★VENS GATE -Beginning of the Legend-
22. Mighty Aura
23. Grown Emphaty
24. Lasting Oneness
25. Lovely Eyes
26. Visible Elf
27. Justice Impulse
28. Next Door


29. God’s S.T.A.R.
30. Fumetsu no Inferno


32. Yume wo  Uta he to
33. Maji LOVE Legend Star



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